Go away pain!

Go away pain!

Id go docs with anything thats wrong and even if my arm fell off thed say or FIBRO  related  !  But roll on rhumy app in may  see if they can spread any light on wats going on ! Also praying my lovely lovely friend Gem  is feeling a lil bit beta  and let her no how special she really is this illness makes u feel realy low so wishing every1 a bit of happyness today and always ! 🙄

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  • I genuinely hope that it goes well at your Rheumatology appointment, and that you get some answers. I know many members say that there GP would say that if they had a broken neck it would Fibro related!

    Just want to say, I love your photo, thanks for sharing :)

  • Thanks ken ! N glad u love the foto its lake district centre parcs we take our grandson for weekend  on his birthday he loves the place n so do i X

  • x :)

  • Thank ken so much for your heartwarming repy X

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