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As a child my son regularly stopped watches.  He has discovered in adulthood that he is esp sensitive to microwaves etc, and is concerned about children at school in micro, etc wave soup all day.  After not carrying his mobile On, he found that hip pain ceased. He sent me this You tube thing, most of which is rather equationall and dense,  but the later parts are of interest to Fibros, I think.   Hats etc can be found under EMP clothing.


Prof. Trevor Marshall at a thing in Bonn?


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  • I personally can't get too near a radio as it will just all break up and crackle, my fella thought it was a problem with the radio and I was being silly, so I took him from the kitchen one to the one in the garage and same thing happened !!  It is only if I am very close to the radio!!! This has been the same since I was a small child 

    Thank goodness I am ok around t.vs and mobile phones and other electrical things , although sometimes when I touch things I get small static electric shocks!!

    Funny you should bring this kind of subject up though because someone I knew spent years with having terrible pain in her fingers , couldn't get it sorted from the medical profession and then one day  , she decided to leave all her rings off and she had rings on every finger!) as she was frightened that if her hands swelled any more that they would dig in to the flesh , she had gold rings and cheaper rings on , anyway a  week later she was pain free( and the problems she had had been going on for 10 years!!)  she couldn't believe it , she got tested for metal allergies and nothing untoward showed up , but she never wore a ring again. It even her wedding ring !!!the doctors thought it was probably in her head when they couldn't find the cause themselves!

  • I definately think some people are more sensitive to thingsthan others. Like electricjaws I can get shocks off the car,photocopiers etc when other people don't.x

  • Hi rhodia

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today?

    Thank you for your interesting post, and I have just watched 3 short videos from Prof. Trevor Marshall on YouTube. Unfortunately, after he said MS was a proteome related condition, I decided to stop watching.

    *Definition Proteome

    The proteome is the entire set of proteins expressed by a genome, cell, tissue, or organism at a certain time. More specifically, it is the set of expressed proteins in a given type of cell or organism, at a given time, under defined conditions. The term is a blend of proteins and genome.

    *Definition Myelin

    A mixture of proteins and phospholipids forming a whitish insulating sheath around many nerve fibres, which increases the speed at which impulses are conducted.


    I am naturally skeptical however, as there are many people on the internet that make many claims that do not have scientific recognition or support.

    I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I am not really sure what this is about? It didn't make much sense to me? x

  • I thought it was an interesting idea, (but dont have the academic ability to understand all those graphs) and, lets face it, I'll grab at anything that I dont have to swallow.  My concerned son searches many aspects for me, and also for his children - one dyslexic and one probably ADHD.  Dont fancy the hat thing myself, as I'm very claustrophobic, but maybe one day.

    Currently pursuing Pain Clinic further consultation.  After a phone call from the Sister, her suggestion was to discuss my current pain relief with my GP!  which was where it all started a year ago .........  I really dont like phone consultations, and it is now the only gateway to seeing anyone in our GP practice.  

    I have had Fibro for 25+ years now, many of which I spent being told by doctors - "I dont believe in syndromes", 'It's all in the mind"  etc etc.  The latest medical goodie was "Seventy is the new sixty".  I replied, "No its isn't, when you feel like me, ninety seems nearer the mark".

  • Hi again rhodia,

    It was a very interesting concept, and just like you I like to search out alternative ways of trying to help myself with my Fibro. I do not fancy the tin hat solution either?

    I am so genuinely sorry that you have had years of battling GP's as well as Fibro and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I was just thinking if my strange phenomenon is in same bracket! As I can't walk properly and have so many falls through lack of balance,I use a rollator!whenever I'm out with family and we go through stores I can't touch any part of the metal frame or I get awful shocks?? For years before I used to get the most awful shocks from elevator buttons, to the point of tears. When I tell people they think I'm mad, but I always seem too be near an elevator when I get shocks from my rollator????

    We are strange beings indeed!!

  • I have had chronic migraines for many years and have seen on screen in hospital the parts of my brain which have been damaged and altered due th this. But, prior to this for about 40 years I used to get electric shocks off of loads of things, I used to have to try not to touch things when out shopping, even so there where shops I could not enter as I got shocks from flooring. Door handles, handrails, lifts and escalators were a problem. Every car I owned would shock me on opening, nylon clothing was dangerous and I regularly  broke electrical equipment. I never dared use a microwave. I was banned from touching other people's electric equipment as they had seen the results. Lastly I was never able to wear a watch as it would always run faster or slower but would never keep correct time ! I personally believe all the electrical activity in my brain with the migraines has somehow neutralised or burnt out my dodgy wiring !!

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