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Hello all,  just a little advise from a nearly newby on here which I'm sure has been expressed by many many people already!  But Please get a copy of you're blood tests results even if Docs say all's fine & within range! because if something is on the low side you're symptoms could have something to do with whatever you're low in, if you're not sure? post you're concerns on here, someone will advise. (I'm so not a bossy boots or a know it all 😊 this is just from my own recent experience)  Sandra 

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Also get copies of any reports sent to your GP by specialists! You'd be surprised to find out things you weren't told about at the appointment 🐸


Hi, exactly why I posted this! Not only have I been told in the past that all's fine with blood tests (my iron was too low)  but was also told by "MY" GP that X-rays on hands were fine.. Hand specialist couldn't believe it when I was finally referred to him 8 months later & he saw report & x-Ray.  Thanks for reply.


That sounds as if it's more to do with doctors incompetence than anything have you changed Drs ? 


The problem is what you do with those results then, we can only advise on here as no one is medically trained,, best thing is to discuss your results through with your Doctor if they are on the low side ask if you should be taking something to remedy this, don't be afraid to ask, that's what the Dr is there for., good luck


Hi, i have never been told that something is low when it has been by GP. I'm presuming that because it's within range it's not mentioned, I've only found out by requesting a copy!  i have recently spoken to 3 GP's regarding my low B12 200 ug/L it's not under so didn't mention it or concerned about it  & I suffer terribly with nerve pain! 


It would be prudent to lock your post as what you have written and all replies will be available throughout the internet, including Facebook.  If you google your username you and anyone else will be able to see past posts if they are unlocked, not always a good thing if you are writing something personal to you, your family and friends.  You can do this easily by looking on the Pinned Posts, in blue on the right hand side and following the instructions.

Locking posts generally mean you will get more replies too!

If you are stuck, admin can help.


Hi Sandra

I wholeheartedly agree with Mydexter 

We are not medically trained and cannot advise anyone on blood test results. 

If you need help with blood test results you should see your GP or consultant. 

As bluebell99 has said, it would be prudent to lock your posts. 

At present anyone on the open internet can access your post and all the replies.

I will pop back and give you a link to read about why we lock our posts.

Here is the link:

Wishing you all the best

Lu x



Hi my friend

It is a start, but as the others have said, we are not medically trained. However you can google the results and find private medical doctors online that will look at your blood test results for nothing. Just please be careful about asking for further services from them as they will then want paying! The real downside is trying to get your own doctor to change their mind, as they usually stick to their original diagnosis, my past experience and being on here has intimated that. I want to gneuinely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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