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URGENT Media opportunity

There is an opportunity for people with fibromyalgia to take part in a high profile programme looking at disability benefits and the impact the changes are having on people’s lives.

They want to look at the change over from DLA to PIP and the cuts to ESA. They also want to look at mobility benefits and the number of people losing their adapted cars.

We hope that you might be able to help us find a case study very quickly as they are hoping to film next week.

The people they are looking for to film with next week are:

(i)Someone who has lost/ who will be losing their mobility vehicle after transition from DLA to PIP, especially if this means they will now struggle to get to work.

(ii)Someone who is going to be having a PIP face to face assessment within our filming window;

(iii)Someone who has ‘moderate or fluctuating’ disability who has had a PIP assessment and now receives less than they did under DLA – what is the impact on their life etc.

(iv)Someone who will have to travel miles to get to their PIP assessment

If you think you could help with any of these categories AND would be available to be filmed next week, then we would be extremely grateful! To register your interest please contact us using the form in this link:

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Newquay are you interested in this?

Lu x


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Hi Des

I can think of a couple of members of the forum who may be interested in this. 

Hopefully we will get someone that is interested. 

Lu x


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Thank you so much for making us all aware of this Des :)


Thank you for all the comments on here and elsewhere. I have been able to forward a couple of the responses that we received via our website form. I could only forward those that filled out the form highlighted above and I know we have had more responses on here and elsewhere than response via the form.

I hope that the responses via the form will be suitable for the piece that they are doing and help raise the profile of fibro within the benefits conversation.

Anyone that submits content on the form after the fact will be stored for future use in situations like this. Again Many thanks for your contributions.



Des Quinn


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