News article suggesting FM cause found!?

Ive just been reading this article which claims that doctors have found the cause of FM and hope to develop a cure/treatment. Apparently it is a problem with blood vessels rather than faulty nerve impulses from the brain as previously assumed? 

Makes an interesting read

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  • Yes My daughter sent me a post about this. It is something to do with too many blood vessels in our hand. I wanted to put the site it was on, so you could read about it, but I haven't a clue. So glad you are able to Zara-LouisD. I shall be interested to see what other people think!

  • This as been around for a few years now but I have never found anything updated on this article which is a shame .

    I believe there have been quite a few folks posting this article a month or so ago. But it is always helps newly diagnosed members who may not have read it before. Thank you xx 

  • Hi, I remember reading this on here a couple of months ago. I put dr frank rices name in google and found the original research. I can't remember the name of ot now! It was very interesting and they are doing further research on it as it's early days. Let's hope it comes to something. :-)

  • Very interesting, but no ideas for a cure maybe one day 

  • It gives hope but is about five years old and pops up every six months or so. Unfortunately no follow up research.


  • The last i read was that it is possibly caused by Fibro and not the other way round.

    I dont think anyone knows yet.  

    At least its another piece of the puzzle.   :)

  • I've read this before not really sure what to make of it.Peck 🌸

  • Sorry it's a repeat post........

    I hadn't come across it myself before now and thought it was interesting but I guess if it's been around for 5yrs that there's not been much in the way of progress and doesn't sound so hopeful as it did!

  • Hi Zara-LouiseD

    Thank you so much for sharing this my friend. While I appreciate it is not something new it is very interesting and I am sure many of the newer members would not have heard of this. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I'm firmly in the subclinical hypothyroid camp.

    My symptoms have improved since taking NDT.


  • Hi Zara Louise,  I came across this current research, when looking for information.  I hope you and others find this useful.

    Following these initial findings and having been a sufferer of this virus in my early years, (a lot of people carry the virus without even knowing they have it), I discussed the findings with my GP.   She prescribed me I the antiviral medication (Aciclovir)  to dampen down the effect of the virus on my nervous system, to see if it would help. 

    So far, after just over a week of this medication, I have had less flare ups, my awfully painful hands on waking has stopped, and I have found that I have more energy.  Early days yet though. 

    I hope that this can help.


  • It sounds ok, but i feel that as the article in question is 4 years old, its hard to get too excited about it. However someone somewhere will figure it out, hopefully soon.

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