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I haven't actually been formally diagnosed with FM, although it has been suggested. I do have other health stuff and thought you'd be able to help me out on this one.

My mobility is getting worse and my health is not good. I just can't do longer journeys any more. Detailed research has found that you can get very lightweight mobility scooters that would fit in my smallish car.

I'm hesitating though. My main issue is that I'm 27 years old but look about 19 on a good day and anxious about what people think. I'm also slightly overweight (although actively trying to lose it!) and I'm worried people will look at me; young looking and a bit fat and think I'm just lazy. People keep saying it doesn't really matter what strangers think but it matters to me.

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  • from a blog I posted some time ago and it's still applies :)

    I've started using my own scooter while out. I've decided that it's a positive step as -

    I can be out for a bit longer;

    I can get further;

    the pain is less;

    more quality time with friends as I'm not struggling to breathe/move/keep up;

    I get to be out where life is going on;

    I meet nice people who smile or pass a moment [eg "cold today"] or ask if I can reach;

    I'm acknowledged as a person - not invisible, I exist!

    I get to be independent.

    I know there are negatives but they're the same as everyday when I'm on my crutch [es] so they aren't botherable [ I just made that word up! ]

    try the scooters out in supermarkets first.

    There are also shopmobility schemes.

    I hope this might help someone.



  • Hi

    I  know a young lady who very similar to you

    She has been using a wheelchair but due to health problems now needs mobility scooter she has a hoist on her car to pick scooter up and put in boot of car.

    Everything gets blinged up lots of pink and glitter ,sparkle as much as you can be noticed don't be ashamed as long as you know you need it .I say to hell with the rest as your the only person that matters .


  • Can I first say I am not dismissing your feelings at all as if I was your age when I was much more sensitive about things than I am now I might have more difficulty in accepting that this might be the best way forward.  Perhaps when you are younger it can matter to you more on how you are perceived. As you get older and have more experience of life many of us now wonder why we were ever bothered with other peoples opinion.  Those that matter are the ones that love us and whom we love and you realise that these are really the only people whose opinion  matters,  I will put it another way and I am going to be the Devil's Advocate here and ask you some questions:-

    If there was a pain killer you could take but it was an Opiad drug that drug users would normally use but was also a  prescription medicene and it would take all your pain away, would you take it or would you decide to put up with the pain just in case you were labelled an addict by some ignorant person?

    If there was a piece of equipment you could use at home that would make your life so much easier would you hesitate to use it?

    Are you ever likely to see these strangers again in your lifetime so why would their opinion matter?

    How would you know what these strangers are thinking? It might actually be poor girl fancy having to use a scooter at her age I am so glad that my daughter is fit and healthy.

    Why would you not use something that might make your life so much richer by enabling you to do so many of the things you are having difficulty with and are having to give up. That by using it would hopefully leave you with more energy to pursue these things that really matter to you and more painfree in order to do these things.?

    Hamble's suggestion is a brilliant one in trying out one of the mobiity scooters available in the stores and seeing how you feel.  Remember your lightweight one would also be much easier to manouver and certainly far more portable.  You could probaby hire one from a local mobility place to see how you got on with something similar to the one you are considering. Think of all the adventures you could go on.

    Let us know what you

  • Thank you. I appreciate your words and it really gave me food for though. I am limiting my ability to enjoy my life based on what I think other people *might* think.

  • I am so glad you took it the way I intended I just wanted just to see that you are the one that matters in all this and why should you make yourself suffer for the sake of other peoples perceptions.  Let us know how you get on.  Love your little Crashdoll by the way.xx

  • Exactly!!!☺

  • I do understand your concern but do the benefits out weigh the apperance?? Your the only one who can make that decision.I wish you the very best. Peck✌

  • Hi crashdoll

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution to these issues. I agree completely with rosewine and hamble as it is your life and nobody else's and if you want to see friends, or go out and enjoy yourself then please do not worry about people who you will never see again, please go and have some fun! I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi crashdoll 

    Great points already made.  Re feeling self conscious, I'm 57 now and still able to fret at times over what others may be thinking, crazy isn't it?  Took me ages to use a stick but once I'd got used to it I was fine.  Been using my scooter for 3 months now.  Initially I thought the neighbours we're probably watching me, then I thought what the hell.  It's transformed my ability to get my beloved pooch out and now that I'm confident in controlling the scooter and knowing where I can go - dropped kerbs making journeys possible - I don't care what anyone might think.  

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