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Pain and lack of sleep

I'm getting to the point where I have had enough now I have ask my doctor if she could refer me a pain and a sleep clinic without success. She told to take 2 25ml amitriptyline at 6pm which don't work just make me fell hungover for the rest of the day I get a couple of hours sleep which consist of paralysis dreaming with muscle spasms down the right side of my face and neck. And if I'm lucky I have spent them few hours with waking choking because I can't breathe or have stopped breathing. Then there's the lovely addiction to tramadol which do nothing for the pain. And then have the constant worry and fear of loosing pip. I have had enough.

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Hi maco100

I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling so much with your Fibro and medication. I was wondering if there was a different GP at your surgery who you could ask for a referral from? Or a different surgery in your catchment area?

If your pain gets too severe you can always go to your nearest ''Walk-In Centre'' and ask for help? They may give you a different medication and write to your GP? They can also undertake referrals if they feel it is necessary?

I am not a doctor or trying nor make a diagnosis but I had a similar issue to this and it was diagnosed as ''Sleep Apnea.'' My local hospital gave me a C-PAP machine and it has helped with the problem.

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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hi ken that was the better of the 2 doctors there. most of the gp surgarys round here are like cattle markets with 2 or 3 different practices in them with about 50 to 60 waiting to see a doctor


So sorry to read your post. Life is difficult enough but when we have an unsupportive GP and no real alternatives it gets rather desperate. Have you tried any alternative methods of pain control such as a Tens machine?

I can commiserate with the sleep as I have always been a poor light sleeper but since I have had this even 2 hours is a luxury. I try now not to dwell on it if I can and play my MP3 player, read etc and listen to one of the sleep Aps on my tablet. Do gentle stretching to help ease the pain anything but lie th ere thinking about it as I realised it made me worse.

I am afraid Tramadol and two antidepressants prescribed for me gave me nothing but horrendous side effects worse than the pain I was experiencing. Have you asked for help with getting off the Tramadol if you feel you are not getting pain relief sometimes GP's look on you differently when they can see you are trying to help yourself. My GP did when I said I felt I was on too many tablets and did not want yet another one but that I would like physio or something similar.

My electro acupuncture has been stopped as the hospotwl no longer has the capacity so can fully understand the depair in not getting treatments.

If things do get too much please ring someone like The Samaritans as sometimes just talking things over with someone none judgemental and neutral is sometimes what we need to see the way forward.

Please keep in touch with us.z


I know how you feel. Sorry I haven't any answers. Sending soft gentle Hugs. x


Hi I know how you feel I take 50mg of amitriptyline some nights and I can't function at all for 2 days at the min both my arms are so painful and weak and iam feeling nauseated taking the disgusting pepto I have had a GP give me clonaspam which works great but they only give you a months supply but you have to make it do 3 months wish I had some just now I watched a programme on TV about a month ago about sleep the doctor said that many don't understand that it can make you seriously ill not getting any or enough there were a few people who went to the sleep clinic and one was like us either wakeing up many times a night or not getting any sleep he soon sorted her out I live in Glasgow and there is a sleep clinic in Edinburgh iam thinking of asking to go also maybe you should mention the programming to your GP and ask them how long they think they could do there job without any sleep take care hope you get help soon x😦


hi thanks for the replies and everybody else who replied. thanks all


See if your GP will give you Clonazapam I only take a small dose which was suggested to me by the late Professor Davies at Guys Hospital in London.

He only diagnosed Fibromyalgia and as I limped towards him, he confirmed straight away as I sat down in front of him, I most certainly have Fibromyalgia.

See if you can get a referral to Guys Hospital for second opinion, even though you are sure you have this dreaded condition, which is most definitely life changing!

Without my Clonazapam at night there is no way I would ever sleep and I know that for sure!


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