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Info required for DIY house maintenance tools

Good Morning Folks

My father had a mild stroke recently, and is now finding it difficult to handle general household maintenance tools such as : screw drivers, hammers, pair of pliers etc.

Can you please suggest where I purchase such tools for people who have (say) weak hands, wrists and grip?

Thanks in advance for your responses.

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Just putting something like sponge around the handle of a tool makes it easier to grip something like the insulating foam for going around pipes can work. I have one of those thicker steering wheel covers that are made out of a grey piled fabric that makes gripping the wheel easier for me best £7 I ever spent so that was what started me thinking about his grip. Might some of the adapatations for people with arthritis work for him?

I know there are quite a few companies out there who do tools for gardening. Can't put up links unfortunately as we are not allowed to put up commercial things but if you go on ebay or amazon you will find companies. Best of luck.x


I think there comes a point that we have to accept that we can't do things ourselves any more. For a man not to use tools is a biggie. I know that most council or Housing associations will have a handy man who can be booked to do DIY work for you for free. If he's in his own place then I have heard of charities who help with these things for a small fee. Would have to look up on Internet or CAB for your area.

I can't do anything myself without A&E being put on standby first! Lol so wife has said no more for me. Fortunately I live on a small cull de sac and we have a nice community where people help eachother and no cash changes hands. We all try to help eachother, my bit is looking things up on the net, rights and responsibilities and complaint forms!

Letting go is hard

Best wishes


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Hi geek84

I am so genuinely sorry to read that your father has suffered a stroke and I sincerely hope that he recovers well from this. I am really sorry but I do not know of any stores in the UK that do this sort of thing. There is one in the US (I have PM'd you the link but not sure it is any good to you?).

There are quite a few on the internet for gardening tools if he needs anything o this nature? I want to gneuinely and sincerely wish you both all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



It may help to contact the Red Cross, they may have useful information as to where to find the tools you need.

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