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Re surgery

Hi my friends...

Just keeping you posted I've been home threes days now and I'm going stir crazy ...can't lift anythi g over 10 lbs and can't vacuum....daughter now helps out with these duties.

But the drains are all out now healing well just the abdominal area feels really tight and sore but I guess muscles and everything going back in place.

I'm blessed actually because I got this second chance...I'm learning to love me just the way I am..I was told the two absesss I had could have killed me due to never really got me until then I guess in midst of all you don't think of that .

Well I'm still awake at 3:53am that didn't change but now off to sleep..thanks guys for all your support and comforting words.

Gentle hugs

Barb Sweetdreams

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So glad you are home and starting to heal although rather sore. No it doesn't sink in until they say something like that. I hope you keep on making good progress. Take care of yourself.x

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Gosh, you have been through the wars haven't you? I'm glad that you are now home and that the surgery has been a success and thank goodness the poison didn't get into your system. Keep coming to us here for all the support which we can give you and do remember you really do have to stick by the not lifting and doing things like hoovering are completely out of the question. The more care you take of yourself now the faster and better your recovery is going to be.

I'm sending lots of positive healing vibes your way and hope things improve very soon 😊😊

Foggy x


Hi Sweetdreams

It is so wonderful to hear from you and that you are doing okay! Thank you for the update it is genuinely appreciated. I sincerely hope that your pain eases soon and that you make a speedy recovery. Please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi glad to hearyou are home and just sore as that should ease daily.Be sure to follow GP care instructions it is so very important.You will be up and about before you know it!! Take care. Peck🌹


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