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Thank you for your support it's so good yo read about how you all dealing with this condition . Am so happy I have you all . Am in hospital to the pain managment clinic for first time . Any one been to this how long you there is there group or our you on your own . My husbands dad is 90 today supposed to be going for meal tonight but I have said no to going as I don't want to spoil it for his family and my kids . Specialy is dad I love to bits as I never new my dad . Am I doing the right thing not going so sad my life is going like this I live my husband d to bits but he doesn't even talk to me anymore l like we used to . I have tried to to get him to read about chronic pain as I have still not been told it's fabybomalgia but I do think I have it. Thank s again to you all have the beat day you can love Buckley x

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Hope you get alot of good tips from the course there are often group sessions and also an opportunity of a one to one but it seems to vary according to where you are. I wish I had had the opportunity to go on one.

Such a pity it is your father in law's birthday on the day of the course as if you are like me if I have to do anything in the day you can forget me at night. Perhaps write a little note explaining and saying how much you love hi and how much you regret not being able to be there I am sure he would be very touched. Sometimes we are reticent about telling people how much they have filled a gap in our lives.

Yes it sounds as though your OH is still in denial about your condition, my husband has not read up on fibro even though I have read everything about his 4 health conditions. I think k many men (not all) can be a bit head in the sands.

Report back to us how you do on the course.x

What a good idea rosewine has for you to write a note expressing how you feel about your father-in-law and how you regret missing his birthday celebration! So much good, sincere feeling can be expressed that way that you can truly warm his heart.

Hi 233019

I genuinely hope that your first pain management clinic went really well for you. I am so sincerely sorry that you are unable to attend your father-in-laws birthday meal and I think that rosewine suggestion is worth thinking about? I want to gneuinely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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