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I been to my gp in morning very bed side pain in night time couldn't sleep whole night bed pain my gp said I have to wait for appointment

I been to my gp in morning very bed side pain in night time couldn't sleep whole night.my gp give pain killers which not help me she said I have to wait for surgeon appointment month before other gp booked me colorectal service to check my bowel I don't know what should I do it's week left to see the surgeon😢😢and I don't know the whole week how I servive

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Hi doesn't your GP have emergency appointments , if your pain is that bad you need to a dr. May be ring NHS health line no. We have a diferent service in Wales to rest of uk and Scotland ,but if your in that much pain they can't refuse to see you , they took Hippocratic oath.

Take care



Yes they give me emergency appointment for my gp yesterday morning I been to surgery and my gp only give me pain killers she said she can't do anything can't start any treatment for this pain before she get result from colorectal service surgeon first I attend this appointment I request her to call this department and asked them if they can give me early appointment so she said she can't I don't know if some one having sharp pains and can't sleep whole night they can't do anything so whee we can go this pain is worst in night rather then days I will call 111 today when my pain go worst in night time I was crying whole night I explain this to my both gps 😢

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I am sorry your not getting help you obviously need ! So glad I have my GP ! Suggest you get yourself admitted to hospital if it's that bad !

They will have to treat you then !

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I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I agree completely with Shadows-walker. If your pain gets any worse ring the doctor again or ring the NHS 111 service and seek medical advice. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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