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Hi can anyone shed some light on the best times to take this drug i started it on tues but have become quite nauseous an feel like I'm in space . The good side is the pain is almost away and I slept last night . The best sleep in almost a year any advice would be much appreciated 🌸😁

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I have just started taking Tramadol as well. Stick with it. Eat something before you take it. Should help with the nausea x

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Thank you Tuscany for reply I am desperate for this to work if you don't mind could you tell me when you take yours

Always eat something if you get nausea.

Although it does not advise you to.

I take 100mgs 3 times a day. They don't affect me accept

That they get rid of the pain and side effects do go away.

I really think that they are the best pain killer for fybromyalgia.

Wouldn't be without them . Persevere.

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Thank you so much for reply I will do that . Oh I can't beleive I've had little pain today I keep waiting on it to start 😊 Hopefully tmw will be even better thanks again x😊

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Hi there

I was just wondering how many doses per day that you're taking?

Having some dry food (biscuits, toast) before taking it is a good idea. The side effects do wear off within a couple of weeks, sometimes even sooner.

I know of several people who are really glad that they persevered with the Tramadol. I have been taking it myself for a couple of years now.

Wishing you wellness and peace

Lu xx

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Oh thankyou I have been taking it 3 times per day I've just had activa pot an last tab afterwards 😁 I'm on the 50 to start . Thanks again 🌸

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Hi again. I am only speaking from personal experience and am not medically trained, but it would seem logical to take your doses when you get up in the morning, before lunch and an hour or so before you go to bed so that hopefully the last dose will help you to sleep.

Tramadol is a very strong medication so if it is making you feel drowsy make sure you don't need to drive anywhere.

I've only made a suggestion with the timing. At the end of the day it's obviously completely up to you when you take it. You can alter the timing to suit your day, just be careful not to take them too close to each other.

I personally find having a set time to take my meds means I don't forget to take them 😊 xx

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Thanks sounds good advice to me 😊 Il try that tmw . Yea I couldn't drive today to drowsy . Thank you for your time

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Let us all know how you get on. It's always helpful to know what works so that we can all share our tips with each other. Sleep well πŸ’€ xx

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Tuscany's advice is good as I was told to have something to eat with it and it certainly helped that sicky feeling. Unfortunately, for me it gave me the most strange, stonking headache and I was mortified as the pain in the rest of my body was certainly hoped. Hope the side effects go away for you and you can get some good pain relief.x

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I take 2 tablets 4 times a day. At breakfast, with a morning snack, afternoon (3pm ish) with a snack and then after my dinner in the evening. I no longer feel nauseous on them. They are very strong. Your body just has to get used to them x

Thank you to you all for reply il take your advice an hopefully tmw will be somewhat easier thanks . Sleep well πŸ’€

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I have not used this drug before so I cannot really offer any advice on this, but i do want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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What does the GP suggest ? Do you take it as needed or every four to six hours ?

Tramadol is not a nice drug ( none of them are) but I found d I couldn't get used to it. If its taking away the pain well that's fantastic. I've never found anything that ' kills ' the pain only reduces it.

Stick with the times on your prescription and wait for your body to adjust. Its a pretty strong painkiller.


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I have been on Tramadol for 7 years now.

It takes about 2 weeks for the spaced out feeling to go. So sit back and enjoy the peace we so rarely get. The nausea should pass too.

At the pain clinic I was told to always take paracetamol to activate Tramadol. So for every Tramadol capsule I take one paracetamol capsule.

I was also told that in order to maintain pain relief to make sure that I take my pain meds regularly. Three times a day is every 8 hours. If you maintain your level of painkillers then you won't suffer so much from extreme pain to pain relief to extreme pain. It allows you to feel the benefit and keep on top of your pain.

I hope that is of some help 🐸

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Thanks for all that info il keep u all posted πŸ‘

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Sorebones can u take cocodamol or does it have to be paracetamol . Thanks for your help great 🌸

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Sorebones in reply to

I haven't a clue to be honest. Phone your pharmacist and ask, or ask your GP. I would be interested in the answer mind you. Would be useful for me when in flare up 🐸

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I will an I will let u know thanks

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Hi just remember tramadol are extremely addictive and the potency seems to wear off after a time and the withdrawal is horrible. Apart from that good luck

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Sorebones in reply to maco100

How helpful.

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That info is extreme helpful thanks so much I only have cocodamol at the moment . Oh I can't believe how well I've slept I've actually got some colour back in my cheeks πŸ˜„

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I had the same affects so only take it at night to get some sleep.

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I asked a doctor at the hospital a few days ago if I could take co codamol with Tramadol as I have a tooth ache and she said no because Tramadol and cocodamol come from the same family of pain killers so it hS to be paracetamol or ibuprofen.

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Oh ok thanks for reply πŸ‘

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I agree it's the only thing that really helped me please watch out for low moods, and depression while taking tramadol.

I was taking 2 X 150 mg 3/4 times a day depending on pain levels. The side effects along with feelings of helplessness grieving process mixed with the way the hospital & family were was treating at that time.

They do wear off and you can get used to them, and they don't work as well. So I would start off on a low dose I wish I had.

At moment I'm on 1 X 300mg daily

slow release and work very well.

Good luck!

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Thanks I am only going to take 2 / 50 mg a day an two cocodamol to see how I go but I can honestly say I've got pain today yesterday I didn't with the 3 tabs πŸ€” But I will persevere 😁

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Well you do get days when nothing works, especially when you are suffering multiple conditions.

My dad takes two on a morning and two before bed this helps him sleep too. Ps I meant 50mg not 150mg.

I'm hope this helps I have lots of experience in fibro and many conditions other related illnesses.

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Thank you very much it does help . Do you have tyroid disease by any chance . It's just I do

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Not that good know of lol,., but I do have signs of it weight gain, fatigue amongst other things at the mo my hair is falling out not in big batches but I have had this years ago before fibro was known to regular peeps. it grew back after I started to feel better. I think I was suffering stress or a virus.

I don't have any oestrogen due to chemo years ago and I can relate to hormone problems.

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