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Good morning and a very happy new year

2015 has now left the building, here's hoping that 2016 is amazing, with medical advances maybe this will be the year they find us a cure, wishful thinking I know, but maybe they will have Sussed out the cause and found a better way than elimination to diagnose us, so new sufferers can get help straight away without relentless test coming back negative making you feel like a hypochondriac for months and years. Or just think if our condition was understood by the world so you didn't have to explain why some days you can cope n others you want the world to disappear as life is too hard. This year could be fibro awareness year, year as if it takes me years to understand what's wrong with me and I'm still learning how can the public non sufferers learn faster. Suns up skies blue yup bk on my planet good morning all xxxxxxxxxxx

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Hi Treewade

Thank you so much for that and I genuinely love the sentiment! I sincerely hope that you are right my friend. I genuinely hope that you have a wonderful and pain free 2016.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x :)

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You too Ken, I'm sure if they could figure out why we are all suffering they could find a cure. They know our pain receptors r over active maybe there could be a way of sorting it then the fatigue would lessen and so would brain fog I'm sure sometimes I worry it's alzhimers my memory is shocking n that is worse for me than the pain. This has t b the year for a cure whoooop 2016 lol xxxxxx for us all xxxxc

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Let's hope so!! :)


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