Well ive just had a phone call saying my assessment for sunday 3/1/16 is cancelled yet again...

cant understand why this is happening too me them are saying my files havent reached them same old excuse..this has been said to me now four times...what on earth is going on with these people. Do i need to contact someone i would appreciate some advice on this as i feel at a LOST END. Ive phoned esa on the past and them have said up to maximus..nothink to do with them...ODD to think its them who are having me assessed...not a good start to new year or could it be a omen.......

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  • Contact either your local CAB or Disability Awareness offices for advice and support. If your claim for ESA is successful it is back dated to your original claim date.

    Good luck and hope this is the only blip you encounter for the coming year xx

  • Thank you so much do i get in touch with disability awareness office ..never heard of them could you please forward some information

    as cab really dont help tried them on my third cancellation..would be most appreciatedxx

  • In Aberdeen there is a disability awareness office, I thought they would be national. Try disability

    Or type in disability and your city and it should come up with a list of agencies which could help you xx

  • Thank you again for your time and advice i think im going to visit cab monday morning in town...just to see how i stand with all off this...well new year nearly here so im looking forward too it HAPPY NEWBYEARXX

  • Our MP got involved when we had problems with my OH's ESA could be worth a try if all else fails. Must be terrible for you as we build ourselves up psychologically for these things and it is such a ket down when we have prepared and they don't happen. Dihope that next time they keep the appt.x

  • Thank you so much for advice since i hot awarded pip this has happened. They wer chasing me like mad as soon as i got my award they dont want me there..really strange but the system just not fair...somethink is going on with this esa...changes...and them holding back.they know what they are doing to certain been in one.. well im just hoping they dont send me another one. As i know it will be fifth attempt and yes mentally im drained by allnof this stress...HAPPY NEW YEAR


  • I am so genuinely sorry to read this, and to me I wonder if it is more about staff shortages than paper records? It may help to do what the others have suggested and possibly contact your local councillor via your local council office? They quite often get involved with sort of thing. You are completely correct as the system no longer appears fair to the general public.

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your claim.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you so much yes im going to write a letter in to my mp to express my concern at the way it is effecting my health. As i feel like a yo yo...up down etc..and it is making my nerves wobble...also the travelling is a distance and i have to put things in motion to get me there...dont think these people realise the conditions of our health anymore. Appears to have been disminished. For all the purpose of been ill...


  • Ask them now for a home visit, it's the best way x

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