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Hi Katherine

Just reading your post after looking up searing pain in little finger and wrist and thinking im gona have to take more pain meds. Yes you are right it does effect everyone differently but the one factor that is the same for everyone is Pain and I find it shocking that you are not given meds to allieviate your pain. I would not be able to function without pain relief. I take Codiene/paracetamol 30-300 2 or 3 x daily, depending how much pain im in & Pregnabalin 75mg am & somtimes another at lunchtime & then 2 at night. Amitriptyline 10mg am & 50mg at night. Also Quinine to help with cramps. I also have pain management and a team of guys at the hospital that offer Tai Chi, help with diet & weight, swimming etc. My doctor is brilliant. So yeah lots of help available & pain relief medication. Not that it always takes the pain away but it takes the edge off it so I am able to get through my day & function a bit better.

I find hot stone massage or aromatherapy massage really help and heat.

Hope this helps answer your question.

Also hope you get something to help your pain.

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Agreed pain management is not always about stopping pain but taking the edge off and finding a way of living with what remains. Heat packs are among my fallbacks that distract attention from the pain between medication allowances.


Definitely. I have an electric heat blanket thingy that covers the whole of my back & it's the best thing ever & to be quite honest, it helps my back pain so much & I don't know how I ever lived without it lol.

Another thing I find really helps when my fingers & hands ache, is to emerge them into a bowl of hot water, it's instant relief.


A beany bag of split lentils heated in the microwave then placed on the area causing most problems at the time, distracts long enough for a little meditation / mindfulness a safe place for some respite.


Would love one of those blankets, could l please ask you where you got it. Thank you x


Hi Erica, my daughter brought me a heat blanket from Argos, it also had a cold pad with it that you could put in fridge. Don't know if they still do one but I'm sure you would find one on Amazon. It was not very expensive either, I think it was about £12. It eventually broke after 5 yrs. but i managed to get another 1 from Lidl. This one covered the whole back & had Velcro straps to keep in place.

Best thing I've ever brought & couldn't live without it lol

Worth every penny.

Jan x

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I agree with you totally. I have had all kinds of treatments from acupuncture, massage, CBT etc and they can help a lot of the time but in conjunction with my pain medications.

I do not know if this post was meant to be a private post for a particular member? (By the title) but it has been posted as a general thread on the forum. The easy way to send a private message is to click on the members name that you want to write to and in the top right hand corner it will ask 'Send A Message' click on this and it will only be visible to the member in question.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken :)

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Finding the best solutions to help yourself,,is the most important task to get right,,, so your combinations are vital to each person.,, keep to your path and hope your conditions stay under control,,,,ttfn from Karen.


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