Looks like my post came out wrong, I have been scolded, won't say by who lol u will all c ha, I am not bored on forum but couldn't post anything cos I wasn't on FB, came across this forum by accident , but I might say an Omen, but was just on network. So now I am formallyblue52 , and I love you all for all your help and support. Sorry guys did try to edit it 😒🙁😩

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  • hi formerlyblue, would you please pm me and tell me who "scolded" you and what was said.

    hamble99b vol. admin FMAUK

  • Welcome to the best site ever!!!!

  • Hi again, to edit a post click on the little 'v' symbol at the bottom of your post next to the 'Follow Post' wording, and a menu appears and click on edit and you can then edit your post. Good luck :) :)

  • looks like it's taken. So welcome back :)

    Missed you :)

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