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Advice pls

I went back to work this week after 2 months in and out of hospital. The problem is that the first day was tough, the second day was hell. I don't think I can do the job anymore. It's a lot for me and I feel that I can't do the job justice. I'm thinking of resigning and claiming esa while I look for a part time job i can do even when I'm ill. Any advice? I don't know what to do and I don't know if what I'm thinking of doing is right. Help pls!!

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hi there i don't know whether you can do this, but can't you ask your boss if you can do part time in the job, that your trained for and once loved, i know someone just the same as you and he saw his boss and he was glad that my friend asked him because he didn't want to lose him. he knows you been in and out of hospital try this first, if it doesn't happen as least whilst your working you could look for part time jobs, i wish i could do that, but my days of working are over full stop. anyway what have you got to lose, hope a goes well please let me know how you get on i'm Alan and its nice to meet you.

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Hi alan. Its nice to meet you too. I can ask but my manager hasn't been very supportive so far. Ive been applying for part time jobs just in case. It would be good if she did agree as she could then employ someone else to make full time hours who could do the outings and more physical things I can no longer do. (The job is an activities coordinator in a residential home). It's just too much for me now as most things are. I'm laura btw.


hi Laura its a shame that some people shown kindness to someone that's have a rough time, it is unfair that your getting treated like this from your boss, i just hope and prayer she doesn't have to go though what you have and still going though, and you would think by being in an residential home having to look after the elderly it would sink in just a bit. well hope all goes well for you in getting a new job, that's not has physical than what you have. its nice chatting to you and if you feel like chatting again you know where ill be take care Alan x


Hi my fellow fibro fighter , don't resign, , you will not get ESA if you do , you need to get your employer make adjustments to your working life , if you can't manage as before ,are you in a union , you need a letter from your GP stating your limitations. If they won't make adjustments you need to go off sick again in fact after being back for the two days you need to go back to GP and get signed off again as its to much for you ,and then get them to get there occupational health team to deal with you so they can make adjustments so you can go back , if they don't and let you go then you can claime ESA.



Ps I have been through this last year. X


Hi Laura,

I've got to say that admitting defeat to myself with my job was one of the hardest things I've had to do so far. The company I worked for cared only about when I'd be fit to return and cared not one ounce about me as an individual.

Once I finally admitted to myself that I was not able to do even half the job physically that I had been doing, half of me was devastated and the other half was hugely relieved to be rid of the worry.

The future was very uncertain financially, but once I admitted that I couldn't cope and self-referred to Social Services for help at home for me and my daughter, the help that was actually available was incredible. From Physios to Occupational Therapist, gadgets in the house to help to a few hours of a carer to come and support me.

It certainly is a big step to take, but, you will know yourself if you really cannot do the job anymore and it's scary but there is help available.

I hope you manage to come to a decision which is for the best.

All the best,


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I am so genuinely sorry to read this, and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution to this situation. It may help to ask for an 'Occupational Health Assessment' so they can look at ways of helping you. Please be cautious about just resigning as you may not be able to claim benefits immediately if you do?

FMA UK have a benefits adviser that may be able to help? I have pasted you a link below:

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi guys,

I had an occupational health assessment and they said I'd be fine as long as I stayed sat down. GP said the same but in reality when I returned nothing they needed doing I could do sat down! The first day I was able to take it easy as I was just catching up with emails and re establishing contact with people but the second day I had to run around like a headless chicken. I was supposed to be in this morning after having a day off but I was in so much pain I can't walk properly even with my stick, I just struggled to remember my own phone number and I haven't got the energy to go 3 mins down the road for my breakfast so work is out the window!

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