The best fish

The best fish

Whenever I work near the fish tank, I hear "Nemo" and " Dori" called out many times but this is my favorite fish- the pink spotted watchman goby. Hides a lot but does interesting things like grabbing rocks and shells for his( her?) home and sifting sand in his mouth for food.

I do not know why the photo adds upside down?! Also the squiggly things are the legs of a brittle star.

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  • I love your fish tank, sadly sometimes the system does seem to turn things either on their side or upside down 😳 However it doesn't take away from the beauty of your fish, I like tropical fish and would have some if I had room, which sadly I don't, we had them when I was a child and I used to be transfixed by the sucking loach who used to clean the tank well and loved the angel fish too. I think your brittle star fish must be very striking I will have to go and find a pic of a whole one as you've got me interested.

    Thanks so much for posting this, it's cheered me up no end 👍🏻😃😃😃😃

    Foggy x

  • My favourites were the Neon Tetras. i could watch a shoal of them all day. :)

  • Is he in Australia?

    Actualy my dad always had tropical fish and this is one that i have never heard of.

    Mind you if it is a salt water tank that would explain my ignorance.

    Lovely to see him. :P

  • Currently he lives in Washington DC but the tank is indo- pacific so he could live near Australia. It is salt . I love the tank- I couldn't keep a goldfish alive so I love that this tank is well managed by professionals- and I just have to talk about it. Amazing things that happen- clownfish are fighting over protecting territory right now. They do a face off with an open mouth and twitch their bodies- they will also actively chase the other clownfish away

  • I love all fish whether cold water, tropical or marine. we have a large aquatics centre not far from us and I go about twice a year, not to buy any fish but to admire their beauty! lol. amazing colours and shapes, love the corals and those jellyfish-like plants/creatures that live in marine tanks that move with the current , sorry cannot remember their name!

    I had a cold water tank years ago, loved it and even named my fish :)

    many moons ago I won a goldfish at the fair, called him tom, he lived into his teens! he had a very grand burial in a matchbox and a picked flower and a cross made from lollipop sticks! x

  • He or she is beautiful. We have tropical tanks and yes I too have my favourites and yes I tend to give them names and they have to be buried with dignity when they eventually go to the great fish in the sky.x😊

  • They are amazing fish aren't they? Thanks for sharing the photo x

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