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first cbt 1 on 1 today

today i have my first 1 on 1 cbt im feeling a little apprehensive about how it will go as i dont know at this stage how anyone is going to help me cope with the constant severe pain im in , also im not feeling great at the moment as only 14 days post op from a laparoscopy . my other half has told me to give it ago and try to stay posative which i will try. take care all joanne x

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Good luck, I hope it goes well. I don't know that it will ease the pain you are in but I think the idea is to give you the tools and techniques to help you deal with it better. A positive mental attitude can have an impact on how you feel overall so hopefully it will help you to cope with the pain and get a little of your old life back. Gentle and reassuring hugs, Steph


Hi I did pain and fatigue clinic a year ago ,it helps you learn exceptance , packing , understanding , what will work for you but maybe not for someone else , go with a open attitude,I thought I would get back to biking flying kites , my crafts , I am not but I don't stress about it now , I have learned to be kind to me , and take things one at time , how my meds work and to ask for help and most importantly to try not to stress about things I can't control , I get a lot of support here ,use the tools i have been given to cope . Keep your chin up be kind and gentle with yourself .



Hope everything went well. OH has the right idea just keep your mind absolutely open as what works for one doesn't work for another but so many forum members have found that and mindfulness a great help. I often feel that if you think it is going to do you good it does help so positive thoughts all round. You might feel worse before you feel better as it is trying to have a whole new mindset about thoughts and how they affect you and you might not understand initially where it is all going but hopefully by the end of the course it will be working for you. All fingers crossed that it will be successful.x

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I genuinely and sincerely hope that it went really well for you.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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