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On my first application for pip in the reply I was awarded standard pip. But what amazed me was it stated that my application met my medical history. Well on asking my surgery my doctor has not submitted any information and so I got in touch with my rheumatologists secretary they also have no record of him sending any info to DWP. Which medical history were they talking about I've heard this before that they say they've information from doctors but have not. If they can say these things how can they be trusted . I think I'm going to appeal the assessor on my second application seem to twist things I said. Has anyone had this problem. We put our faith in these people we should be treated fairly.

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Hi there

I didn't have to appeal for my PIP but I did have to appeal for my ESA.

I'm sure there will be some people along later today or tomorrow to help you, but a word of warning. A couple of people on the forum have appealed and ended up losing the rate they were first awarded. Therefore you could lose your standard rate that you have been awarded.

My opinion, for what it's worth, is not to appeal. You have a lot to lose. The DWP are cutting back hugely on Welfare and people claiming sickness benefits.

One member of our forum has lost her Motorbility car, even though she is barely able to walk.

The decision is obviously yours but I would think very carefully about it first.

Lu xx


I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your appeal. Fingers crossed for you.

All my hopes and dreams for you



I think I was one of the people who said that the DWP said they had based their decision on my application form and a letter from my GP when in fact my GP had never sent one. They had initially turned me down for DLA. I asked for a mandatory consideration and said that if they turned me down I was sure the Tribunal judges would love that a decision has been based on a fictitious document. In under a week I had a letter saying they had reconsidered and gave me LR care which is enough to run my little car which makes me independent.

As PainfulPixie says be very careful about appealing unless when you go over the assessment with a fine tooth comb you can see blatent errors as as she had pointed out there are several people here who have actually had their awards downgraded or taken off them altogether and there is no right of appeal to a higher Tribunal than the first tier other than with a point if law. I would get some advice from CAB or similar if you can.

It is terrible when you are not given the right award and I know I went to Tribunal with my OH's ESA and it was the principle of the thing but he had been awarded nothing so there was only our time to lose.

Good luck with whatever you decide.😊x


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