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Finding another job and dealing with Fibro

Well I have been working as a carer for a while now , but I am finding it increasingly difficult to do my job properly . I have completed an IT course recently hoping this will improve my chances of getting some thing more office IT based. But because I haven't had any previous experience as such , no one will even give me a try. This is so frustrating . Plus when you tell some one you have got Fibromyalgia they look at you as if you are contagious or have 2 heads or some think. Any one got any ideas please.

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Can I ask whether you work part or full time. It might seem a mad suggestion but if it was part time and you felt up to it could you possibly volunteer for a !ocal charity doing computer or admin work involving computers. Not only would you be doing good but you would be getting hands on experience that would look good on your CV. You never know but the charity might give you a job. The charity I worked for often had jobs going and they liked to give an existing volunteer th job if they could as the person had proved themselves and already knew how the charity worked which was a win situation for all sides.

Temoing could be another way into getting a permanent position as you would be building up experience. It is often cover for maternity leave and often the mothers decide not to come back..x


I wish you the best with finding alternative employment. Folks don't understand Fibro because we don't look sick. Most think we are simply hypochondriacs. My best advice is to put on your happiest face and fake it as best as you can--don't tell prospective employers you have Fibro. It doesn't do any good to tell them and they don't need to know. We aren't a "protected class" yet!


I am so genuinely sorry to read that you cannot find alternative employment and as rosewine says you could possibly volunteer somewhere? Or enquire about a work experience? I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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