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moving house

oh well that's it we have jumped in with both feet we have put are home up for sale to get a bungalow and it is going to break my heart . I love my home as that is what it is we have many happy times to remember . Yes I know I should be glad no stairs to clime but it is another thing that this sh-=- thing has taken away from me how much more can it take and most of all how much have I got to give ?????????????? oh stop it you silly cow it could be worse I could have 3 legs and 6 arms whowww just think of all the money I could get for that I could tip wash dishes and play the drums all at the same time .

oh sorry peeps . starting to feel sorry for myself there I was going to say oh well I still have my health hahahahahahah What is the saying life is a bi=-= and then you marry one well that is true for my hubby bless him he is doing all the work on his own to get the house ready for peeps to come and see and he is doing a lot at the end he would od decorated the hole house just on the doors he has done 12 doors and with gloss I think I must have one of the best if not the best hubbys there is well enough of me wolowing in self pity when I am just sitting on my arse doing sweet fa he keeps telling me to tell my mum but I say go forth to that as she has got her perfect daughter and granddaughter and it ant me so she is not botherd one way or the other oh say by kath and get of the stage so by sendind mummy hugs to everyone by

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Well Kath, I say well done you !! It's a hard decision to come to, but if in the end it is one that can make your life a bit easier, then sad as it may be, it must be the right decision 👍🏻😔

I'm glad hubby is setting to and doing all the getting ready for sale things which have to be gone through, though sometimes it's not a bad thing to leave it so that the people who do buy it can then decorate to make it their own, but that's just a thought.

I really wish you well and that you find a buyer and a suitable bungalow to move into as soon as possible. 😃😃😃😃

Foggy x


I can commiserate with you. After nearly 38 years we have had to come to the same decision. Going from a lovely charactful 1930's house into a big standard bungalow with no bath and a titchy garden and leaving my beloved garden behind. Nothing at the back of me but views to being surrounded by houses. Oh well needs must as they say and we have to try and cope with the cards we are being dealt. Getting the house ready for viewing is the pits when you are like us I have literally collapsed in a heap with exhaustion as my husband is not a practical man bless him and is Ill himself. They say moving house is as stressful as divorce well I think I will stick with my Oh as I can't deal with this stress all over again. I have laughingly said that if you don't actually decide to divorce with all the stress the move etc puts on one you must have a marriage worth having!

We also have one of his brothers in critical care and the other remaining brother is recovering from a cancer op. In addition we are having to look after one of the brothers cats and she has decided to go out in sympathy and is back and forth to the vets too. Oh has just returned and had had a very bad fall at brothers tending to said cat and has had to retire to bed. I have the flu and I am searching my mind to think of what else could possibly go wrong. Oh and we lost a buyer at the last moment so have had to start again and are awaiting to see whether this one goes through. There are another 3 things going on that zi haven't even mentioned so I think I must have been very wicked in a previous life.

Foggies advice is good. If I went into a place where everything has just been painted it can make people wonder what us being hidden so I would only freshen the place up as you might not get the money back that you spend and in your present situation you have enough to cope with. Everyone has different tastes so they will probably come in and change it. A spotless bathroom and kitchen even if they are old goes a long way and declutter so people can see the space. If you can get the estate agent to do the viewings and go for a drive or something as is hard work. We have cellars and by the time I had gone up and down the steps to that and shown them up stairs I have been in exhaustion mode especially as getting to the bottom of our garden is down steps as well. I certainly haven't needed to do any extra exercise I should be half a stone lighter.

Please let us know how you get on. Try and keep in your mind as I am doing that we will find life once we are sorted so much easier. Think no stairs, easy cleaning. Not worrying how you will get upstairs windows cleaned, much less maintenance. Less heating bills. More time for You and less pain and exhaustion hopefully. My thoughts are definately with you, Chin up girl you can do it. Keep in touch with us as we are cheering you on. Think of it as a positive new chapter in your life.xxxx🏡🏰🏯🏣🏤🏠😉


My heart goes out to you! Just been there and got the t-shirt. I had been putting off moving to a bungalow due to health itself but cbt counsellor advised it might actually help 😳 Silly me believed her and I had our house on the market within two weeks! House had been prepared for sale the year before but due to health I put it off, so not much to do. Accepted first offer on house within a week of it going on the market as could not face the thought prolonged time of people trapsing through my house! Then the fun started! I had to start packing two boxes a night for weeks before we moved in order to pace things out and I also put out loads to charity to save moving - it was very, very stop and start but made it easier on the day when the removal firm came in. Wouldn't have dreamt doing the move ourselves so shopped around for a local reasonably priced removal firm. Even with firm in and much help on the day from family and friends it was very hard going.

However...We are now settling in our new home but very slowly. A box at a time and after 6 weeks we still have quite a few to open. Before fibro and me I would have had everything done, painting and decorating, cleaning etc myself. Not now ... One day at a time! Take your time doing things, take help when offered and try stay chilled and it will be worth it in the end!

Take care and stay positive Jax


I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with getting a bungalow.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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