Hi there, I posted a question on here yesterday about amitryptiline and I was pleased with the response. I have another question about the above drug (why do they have long names).

I was prescribed with this yesterday too as my vitamin B12 is low. I have it in tablet form and I wondered if anybody else is on this drug and what time do you take yours. It says on the bottle between meals so I took the first one after breakfast. But when do I take the next one, is it before or after my evening meal.

This is all confusing. I only have to take this for two months then go for a blood test to see if my B12 is up and then see the GP.

Thank you


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  • that my friend is the 64,000 dollar question no idea sorry bigalan

  • Ok bigalan, no problem. Hope you are well today.

  • hi their its a normal day just total in pain which will never go away but that life hope you get an answer i've tried asking that question once myself and never got an answer all the best bigalan

  • Hi David

    Can I suggest that you speak to any Pharmacist at a chemist for the correct answer. A simple phone call could do it?

    In my opinion I'm guessing that your stomach needs to be fairly free of food, hence the between meals. I would say a couple of hours before your evening meal, but I'm not an expert. Just giving an opinion.

    I'd speak to a Pharmacist for the correct answer.

    All the very best

    Lu xx

  • I have pernicious anaemia which means my body can't absorb B12. I take iron tablets and get an injection of B12 every 12 weeks.

    That's possibly what your Dr is investigating. Hope your having a decent day 🐸

  • Hi

    I would take it before your evening meal as its easier to think about it then!

    I have fibro, lupus, other undiagnosed disorders... On & on & on ! So won't bore you all, ha ha!

    I came up with a great way to ensure I take all the melds I'm supposed to... Those little tubs you buy for holidays that all screw on top of one another, I seperate all my Ned's into 1st ones through the whole day, and if I have any single doses of anything I still put in tub and add to my ever growing tube! But at least you can see what you have to take and helps you not miss any as its there to see.

    I have bought enough now for a full week and I make melds up once a week, put empty tube in at night and take out ready made one for next day, it's great and it also lets you see when your going to need more melds. You can get these from Primark in travel kits, or go online and go into craft, they are used for beads.

    Hope you all have a good weekend

    Gucci girl x

  • If something is prescribed between meals for me, I take it right in the middle ~ between breakfast and lunch, then between lunch and dinner. It would seem they want you to have it without food in your stomach, as BlueMermaid1 said. (This means better absorption to the body, rather than to food, I bet!) But as is also said, the Pharmacist is the ultimate, most knowledgeable person to ask!

    p.s. As an aside, just a reminder to keep Posts and Replies within our Community, remember the lock symbol at the bottom of your Post!

  • I do not take this supplement myself but I wanted to genuinely wish you all the best of luck with building up your B12 levels.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • i have taken Cyanocobalamin off an on for years. i now do injections twice a week. find they are helpful for energy. i'm not sure you want to take any in pill form in late afternoon or evening but please ask your pharmacist or dr. for their advise. one note-if ever switch to injections be aware that if you give yourself the injections in leg it can cause lumpy look which i have found never goes away. not worst thing in the world. couldn't understand how was getting such horrible looking legs until went to a massage therapist who also gave herself b12 injections. she explained this is a typical side effect. hope the pills are helpful.

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