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My petition:

Introduce a law that companies have a percentage of home based jobs for disabled

The government are cutting funding to services which may help people with disabilities find & stay in work. If by law companies allocated a set quota of positions which were home based specifically for the disabled (where viable) many disabled people would have the opportunity to work.

Report of difficulties disabled people can face below, a quota of home based positions from companies could eliminate some issues faced and help disabled people find suitable work.


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Best Wishes

Emma :)

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  • Done 👍🏻

  • Thank You :)

  • signed :)

  • Hi Emma

    I have shared it on my Facebook so hopefully it will help to get the numbers up xx

    I believe this would be a great idea and may help some employers too. Less overheads and insurance costs for them for one xx

  • Thank You Landslider - yes I think it could be a simple solution to help us not only work & earn money but the psychological benefits are self evident. Plus keeping up with working life & skills is probably the best outcome for disabled people in the long run.

  • Absolutely. I am off at the moment and although I am having really bad pain, I do become so bored. Work of any sort definitely gives you some motivation xx

  • Done I am sure I could have done at least some of my job from home so I think this is a really worthy petition. It is amazing with all the new technology what can be done. When my Oh could not drive for 3 years he managed to work quite easily from home for about ,2 days a week in fact I think he was actually more productive as there were no interruptions.x

  • signed. although it might backfire since the dwp is trying to force everyone into work regardless of how their illnesses effect them.

  • Hello ALKT,

    I hear what you are saying and it can be a double edged sword I suppose. However, this is in response to this push to force people who are unable to go to work into the awful situation of not being awarded ESA and told to go on JSA. Most should be awarded ESA quite rightly & it is highly likely a very poor decision making process that is to blame for this but even if people are disabled & deemed fit for work in general terms there is not any supported work for disabled people. Therefore I think they should be addressing the lack of availability of any such supported work & make companies make certain positions home based for the disabled.

    A charity called Enham Trust tweeted ' @EnhamTrust: #DidYouKnow one of the most common barriers to work for people with #disability is lack of job #opportunities. (46%)'

    If they want severely physically disabled people to work then they should make companies provide home based positions with the support in place! I truly believe in my case that I may be physically unable to attend workplace daily, commute and all the other aspects it entails to attend a place of work for a set time & set hours etc. If equipment, position, hours (part time or full time) were made available for some who felt able it could help the situation, but only for those who fit a certain criteria as I am sure a percentage of disabled people are way too poorly to work in any capacity.

    I wouldn't like to hazard a guess at how many but going on the 1/3 type estimate I reckon a 1/3 would like a home based position, 2/3 are probably unable due to a disability of some kind.

    I do not agree with the current state of affairs being on benefits myself but do think if they made provisions instead of cutting the support for disabled people & made companies do their bit - it may help disabled people maintain independence. That's not to say that their income would still need to be topped up by the benefits system even if working from home as the pay would probably not compare to any full time positions in all honesty.

    I just think in my case which may resonate with others that with my Fibromyalgia where mobility is restricted I think I could manage a part time job at home if one were available to meet my needs!

    Best Wishes

    Emma :)

  • thank you for taking the time to reply in such an informative way. i think this reply should be at the top of your post as it would help many decide to sign your valuable petition.wishing you luck.

  • Great idea Em. Happy to oblige. :) Tulip x

  • Done x x

  • Signed; It is a great idea, especially for office type work.

  • Done :o)

  • Done Emma, x

  • Done

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