so sad

so sad

today i had to take my partners dog to the vet. she is 16 year old now and i have had her since january. she is my shadow and won't let me out her sight. she has been going off the legs but the last month she has been getting thinner and has been letting go (politest way to say it) in the house with her bladder etc all over house... anyway the up side was they gave her steroids and anti biotic and andi sickness tablets, but we have to take her back tomorrow. she isnt in pain and is trying her best but every day she is getting weaker and weaker. she us nearly completely blind and her hearing is getting worse either that or she fed up listening to me hehehehe...i am away to upload her pic and hope you can all pray that she lasts another year atleast. i only just got her in january i dont want to lose her yet ....bug hugs....aud xxxx

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  • dearest aud,

    I will pray for her, what is her name? she looks so content and yet wise in her photo. does she have a "frosty face" where the grey hairs have appeared on her jaw over the years? my dog already has some but she's only 8!

    I hope the meds work for her and make her life easier. I know she is well loved and cared for, sadly the years creep up on our canine companions and suddenly they start to show signs that they need that bit extra help. maybe invest in a pack of puppy pads just whilst she is having accidents. she is doing very well for 16, she is in her retirement years bless her.

    sending you both a hug xx

  • Her name is Kia ..... Xx

  • Hi you have been very brave today I lost my archer 2, years ago he was 16 black lab and he was my life saver and that of my sons in a very difficult time ,, I was told he wouldn't survive beyond the age of 6 ,he had bad joints , he had lots of ops on all four legs when he was 4 months old , he had a no of strokes and in the end a descion had to made ,and my vet came to my home as it was kinder for archer to go to sleep in his own home ,it's so hard what your going through now but you are doing the Wright thing by Kia ,I also lost my 17 year old cat Edward at Easter he had the same issues as you girl ,our pets are our family we love them ,but we have to put them and there needs first , it's really hard your in my thoughts take care ,enjoy your time with her making memory's

    Chris x

  • And I haven't been brave if you could have seen the state of me this morning . And trying not to let her see anything is wrong too ...... Back to vet tomorrow though ... And thanks xx

  • Showing your love and being emotional ,is a not a bad thing remember to look after you good luck tomorrow xxxx

  • Oh I have everything crossed lol xx

  • So sorry to read your post they get to a place in our hearts that I feel no person can even reach as they could not care less whether we are Ill ugly or poor they still unconditionally love us. I can imagine you were a blob. I do hope that the meds work she had such a gorgeous kind face and I adore her ears.x

  • Keeping my fingers crossed for you and your lovely dog x

  • One ear stays folded all the time lol .... Away to change her photo to another one .. You will all laugh xx

  • I want to genuinely and sincerely wish all concerned all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for all of you.


  • hi if am honest as hard as it may be, I think it would be kinder to have her her put to sleep .

    she may not be in pain but is obviously on her way hun.

    I know if was one off my pets as hard as it would be for me I would arrange her her/him put to sleep .

    my brother passed away 6 years ago and when he died I had his dog although she still belonged to his ex girlfriend too the dog lived with me and my brother but when he died she stayed with me she lasted about a year and she started going thin not eating weeing where she laid I wanted to have her put to sleep as I felt it kinder for her but his ex was a bitch about it and would allow me to have it done ,and few weeks later the dog died her name was syke a female staffy soft as anything she was ,she was also my brothers shadow woke up the Christmas morning to find her dead on my kitchen floor ,what a thing for me to have to deal which along with 5 very young children .I was devasted to say the least as not only did I loose my brothers best friend but as daft as this may sound I felt like I was loosing my last links to my brother .

  • hope she can get better though hun x

  • love that floppy ear. She will let you know when she is ready to give up.

    My Border collie had a stroke when he was 14. Just couldn't stand up one day, kept falling over. The vet offered medication or put to sleep. I decided he should be given a chance - you wouldn't put a person to sleep just because they were ill.

    Anyway he lost loads of weight and became incontinent but we hand fed him every 2 hours and he recovered so well after a couple of weeks that he ws running around like a puppy lol xx

    He lasted for another 18 months before the weight started to drop off him again and he was losing control of his bowels - he was still fighting but was becoming so painfully thin that I looked him in the eyes and told him it was time to sleep and stop fighting xxx

    You will know in your heart when the time is right xx

    Stay strong xx

  • the difference is humans can tell you how bad we are feeling pets cant they all they can do is hope we know how ill they are by looking at them x

  • Oh, sweet Kia, I love those cute ears, too!

    Aug, she will know, and will let you know ... I do think they are aware of when it's time ... your vet will help you, too, make this decision, and I send all kinds of positive vibes that she may stay longer w/you now ... Hugs, bk

  • It is up to my partner what happens to her . I have said don't let it go on too long but she has been his dog for 16 years.... I've only been part of her life since January .. And boy does she love me .. Me and my shadow .... She is funny .... Will keep you all posted and thanks for your words xx

  • You need to sit your partner down and discuss whether it is fair to her to allow her to continue like this, consider whether she has a worthwhile quality of life. This is the time for you and your partner to decide whether you are keeping her alive purely for yourselves. It isn't a pleasant prospect, but it may be better for her to go while she still has some dignity.

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