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Fuzzy at times throbbing head?


Hi all. My fuzzy head is getting worse and as ever with symptoms that are difficult to articulate I feel so frustrated by this. It's not pain as such but more linked with always feeling tired and unable to properly wake up. Recent development is a sort of intermittent wooshing sensation in my head and ears that pulsates along with my pulse. Only used to experience this at times when laying down in bed but now getting it regularly whilst seated. Does anyone else experience this or something similar?

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Hi, i get similar symptoms of an electrical buzz that goes through my head accompanied by my heart thumping in my chest. It comes and goes and i wonder if it is an anxiety thing.

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Hi - as I wrote this post it spurred me to research and I think it may be something called Pulsatile Tinnitus? Although I'm no stranger to anxiety, I don't see this as related to that.

i get the whoosing and pounding in my ears, it makes me squint my eye and close my eyes. no idea what it is or what causes just know it is very annoying. sorry can't be more help, but at least you know you're not alone

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Thanks for that, very thoughtful of you.

It could be fibro but it could be a inner ear infection along with several other things. I have dizzy spells but they relate that to bulging disc in neck . If it gets worse I would at least call your GP and let them know what's going on and see what they say.

Many thanks

I quite often (most of the time) feel exhausted like I can;t fully wake up. I put it down to a mixture of my sleep disorder and medication. It is not a pleasant sensation so my heart goes out to you. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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Thanks Ken

Yes ... I get what I "hear" as a sound like very low, deep, wing-like, beating, throbbing ...

It's not really a sound as much as a feeling ... it's SO hard to describe.

And it is VERY frustrating with its frequency ~ it's not constant at all ...

I want to investigate the "pulsatile tinnitus" you mention ... Since I have constant tinnitus

It is about 3, 4 or 5 consecutive "beats," then is over ... then recurs later, etc.

Yes I think I'm similar, need to monitor this and then see GP.

If either of us gets any info or direction from our visits, shall we plan to "compare notes" ... ?! I should be going in about two wks or so. I can PM you then, Sniffer8, unless others want us to post publicly.

Hi - sorry I've not replied sooner. Happy to compare notes and top post openly so others may benefit.

No worries ~ I'm in 'States so always delayed.

I'll be glad to post any info rec'd after appts ...

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