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Update finally some answers


Just had my ct scan on head, abdominal and pelvis and after 10 month of constant vomiting they have found out what is causing it. Was very surprised to get my results within 24hrs had scans at 12 on Tues and dr had results when I seen her at 10am on the weds. My head scan was normal but the abdominal one has shown several obstructions in my small bowel, with a hernia in there also and several twists in my bowel. I will need an operation to rectify this but was starting to feel like I was going crazy as all tests were starting to come back normal. So relieved just shows perseverance pays off. Hopefully don't have too long to wait for op de referring me to the surgeons yesterday and with it showing obstruction should be dealt with quickly. Finally some answers thanks all for support on here over the last year couldn't have done it without u all. Just always listen to ur body and don't be flogged off as you know your body best and know when something ain't right luckily I have a brilliant GP whom was determined to get to the bottom of this and never just rubbed it off saying it was my fibromyalgia playing up.

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I am very happy to hear you finally have some answers! Hopefully it will help you a great deal! Hugs

That must be a relief to at last have an explanation for the awful time you have experienced. I hope you get the treatment very soon. xx

Good for you! Being persistent finally got you the answers you needed, and a good thing, too. Dangerous issues, it sounds ... Hope all goes well, and quickly so you can be on the mend and feeling better! Sending good vibes your way, for skill for your surgeons, and wonderful healing, too. Hugs, WEEme ... soft hugs! bk

I'm so pleased to hear you have a diagnosis after months of being unwell but sorry you have to have surgery. Hopefully you should be a priority.

All the very best to you. xx

Thanks all x

It must be such a relief to you to at last know what is causing it all. It is a good job both your GP and you could work together to get an answer. I know no one wants an operation but if it can stop all this is will be worthwhile. Fingers crossed that you will have the operation soon. Whenever you can please let us know how you are progressing.x


So pleased for you. Sue :)

I am so delighted to read that you have finally got some answers and I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck with your operation.

All my hopes and dreams for you


It's disgraceful that you have had to be so ill for 10 months and not taken seriously!

Are you going to lodge a formal complaint?

It will only take the publicity of one or two doctors being disciplined for ignoring the health of a fibro sufferer to prevent it happening routinely.

I'm so sorry you have had to go through this but hopefully something positive can come out of it.

Very best wishes for a speedy recovery xx

Maggi just so relieved finally have some answers maybe once I have had op will write a letter to health board x

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