Tribunal date set

Just a wee update I have my date for my tribunal . 7th of August ..... Got welfare rights tomorrow to discuss things .... Not been online much as been very down tired and sore and weepy..... But hey ho .... I say every other time I haven't felt pain like this but it does feel worse ...... Oh well goodnight ...back to bed for me ..... Big hugs all xx

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  • Sleep well Zzz

  • I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your tribunal.

    All my hopes and dreams for you (nite, nite)

    Ken x

  • Good luck & soft hugs x

  • I wish you the best, sending you strength to help you fight their decision.

    hugs xx

  • Been thinking of you often, Aud ...

    Now wishing you all the best in your Tribunal, dear. Hope it goes really, really well. Take care of yourself now, so you can be as together, as well, and as prepared as possible on the 7th ...

    Sending you the softest hugs and positive vibes I can gather together ... bk

  • And big hugs back - and good luck

  • Aud01,Good Luck,remember to tell them your WORSE days .Don't mention your good days. Be cause they use that against you. Also dont go all made up with your make up on ,thats if you wear it and your hair ,make it look scruffy. And my Doctor told me to do that.

    All the Best.

    .Lots of Love an Huggs

    JACQUI x

  • Hi :)

    I don't know what your tribunal is for but I won my PIP tribunal two days ago. I was certain I had lost but I got my award.

    lovelyredhead is right- I wore a suit but I had to wear my scruffy old Ugg boots as my feet were so painful and I left off my headscarf so they could see the extent of my hair loss.

    I'm told what helps is to do a good written submission, the judge praised mine and said it was well written and beautifully typed (although I have the Word app on my iPhone and I was able to dictate it and then attached to an email which I explained) he also said that I had covered a lot of what needed to be said so they didn't need to ask many questions.

    I'm sure welfare rights will give you the help you need but I'm more than happy to show you my submission or tell you anything else you need to know if you want to give me a shout.

    Best of luck xx

  • Aww, sorry you've been feeling so bad. You have been missed!

    Good luck for the 7th, hope all goes well. I'll be at a funeral that day but I'll keep my fingers crossed xx

  • Thanks every one .... I'm having a flair up I think coz all I am doing is sleeping and not much of an appetite just now. I'm more crabbier than usual and have no patience in the slightest ..... And can't shift a stiff sore neck ...... Just one of those weeks and not at the right time .... But thank you everyone . And give me ages days of being awake and i will be back to myself and answering as many posts as I can to be helpful ... Big hugs xx

  • Good luck I know and feel what you are going throughx

  • Good luck because I think everyone who has to go through these tribunals need it. I had mine on June 19 2015 and there had been three members in the panel the judge, doctor and someone who was supposed to know about SLE Lupus and Fibroymyalgia which I have both and the woman in the panel who was supposed to know about the illnesses I had she was so arrogant but the Doctor seemed to be sympathetic however I have not received mobility which is what I had when it was the DLA I had the high rate because I have a bad knee know wear and tear and it is very painful to walk but they said I will be able to manage and only gave me standard rate for Daily Living Component. These people are so harsh, I just hope karma does not bite them in their backside and their family or they do not get the two medical disabilities and other medical illnesses I suffer from and have to live with for the rest of my life. Anyway I truly wish you all the very best and just be yourself and let them know this is what you have to go through on a daily basis and you need the support don't give up even though it is easily said then done but that is what these people want you to do so hang on in there stay strong take care :)

  • Well I have Sjögren's syndrome and fibromyalgia and the doctor on my panel said oh yes I am well are of SS and I asked so you knoe bout this symptom and this one and he didn't and I still got refused .. And the lady in the panel said I see you have your hair dyed surely if you're able to go out to the hairdressers you will be able to work . I said actually the hairdresser comes to me and I am in agony getting it done that's why you see my roots coz instead of getting it done every 6 weeks I get mine done every 6 months maybe .... Depends on how bad j am ... I was raging xx

  • Hi thats what I mean the woman on my panel meeting was a right bitch she said how did you get dressed so I said with great difficulties because my knee and all of my body is in pain. I did not have any make-up on only my glasses which I only usually wear for watching tv, reading and my computer. She even said what would you have someone to do for you if you could get the help so I said my shopping because that can be a struggle and she just looked at me and I said to her well what would you do if you was in my situation because I have no one to care for me so obviously I have to do it myself. Probably that is why they did not give me mobility rate and only the standard rate for Daily Living such as cooking which does not make sense because I am still going to have to use my legs and arms to cook and stand up so they might has well have given me it but they are just evil people who like to integrate people who are more vulnerable than them and who have long-term Ilnesses because I believe they are jealous and dont want us to get any help from the government. If they had their way I think they would line us all up and shoot us all that is what I think of these ignorate people they just have no people skill and do not care what happens to us that is why I am telling you to try your best to see what you can get out of them because they have the money to waste so it should be on us don't you think anyway I will have my fingers crossed for you on August 7 2015 good luck and try not to think about it until the day. They are not worth stressing out over and I learned that the hard way believe me not anymore these people are not going to control my life by

    getting me more stressed until I become ill no way that is not happening take care Lillian :)

  • hi aud

    good luck im going to a tribunal for pip daily living at end of aug .

    just be yourself and let them have it. as it is on a daily basis .

    im in bed at the moment and i cant even lift my legs up to support the laptop .just got told the results of an xray back in january that my pelvis is arthritic along with a cyst on my socket part of my hip . over the phone the doc sayed i had degnerative changes . but didnt mention pelvis or the cyst . anyway its no surprise as the pain is very debilitating and some days i walk like im john wayne . no doubt on triby day ill not have a pain in my body sods law the only pain free day in 365 . lol hope it all goes well

    be guided by welfare right .

    kind regrds carol

  • It's the stress of the tribunal that's making things worse. I have been same since getting pestered for pip.

    Take care best of luck fingers crossed.

  • I still haven't applied for pip will see how my tribunal goes .... I am dreading it although a few years ago had one and failed .. Actually failed 3 and gave up .. But not this time .. Going to keep in at them coz I don't have a life I exist and it sucks ..... Big hugs xx

  • Yeah please do not give up even though it is easily said then done I felt like giving up many times but I said you no what no I am entitled to this benefit and I have evidence to proof my medical conditions so to hell with you lot I am going to get something for all this pain and suffering for life and you should do the same good luck and take care of yourself. xx :)

  • Good luck with your tribunial this Friday. I hope everything goes really well all the very best take care and be yourself and do not get stressed out :)

  • My welfare rights officer phones me today to tell me the tribunal has been cancelled and they will be in touch with a new appointment ..... Big hugs xx

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