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My experience when dealing with my surgery in regard to my condition ''how to be taken seriously by the health care professional''

Hi every one,

I have joining this forum for sometime now and read quite a numerous news where some of you have not a joyful experiences when dealing with your health care professional when in come to your FM condition.

I suppose it down to several situation such as:

1. Geography -the more people suffer with FM the more they know about it (it become accustomed to them)

2.How good your health care professional are (whether they have a good understanding/knowledge about FM/CFS/ME..etc) because lots of them have no it is a bit embarrass as well for them to talk to their patients if they have no clue about it.

3.Does the surgery is in tight budget (as at present time all surgery under scrutiny..they have to provide a better care with less A&E plus on a budget..

4.Do they care enough/are they very busy?

5.Are you (as the patient) concern enough about your Quality of Life?

6.Are you assertive enough to fight for your well being?

So bases on all of the above, when I go to see my gp/s/surgery, 1. I always attend on time (despite I never being seen on time)

2. I always thanked them for their time of seeing me (even though it is their role to treat we have paid our NI throughout our life...LOL)

3.Update them with recent information around FM (I just talked to them about reason discussion in Westminster of MP's Reading on his constituency about FM - please view face book of FMAUK) that is very powerful to talk about, on the other hand - gps are very busy..with you giving this kind of information it is good for them to know..because gps do a health meeting..perhaps you can also initiate the conversation if they can suggest to have pain management in their local practice (some already have one..but some do not have one..I have to go to different area to join the pain management)

4.I Express my understanding on how busy they are and FM is such a grey area, however the medical treatment they have prescribed me seems working only for a limited of there any other suggestion they can work with me..or help me out to make my Q.O.L (Quality Of Life) better?

And to be honest, I moved to 3 different houses and all of the 3 practices are excellent, they all help me, I have no complaint about them..eventually..they all are honestly letting me know..that there is nothing that medication can cure/treat honesty none of pharmaceutical drugs cure any treatment..they are given to patient so that patients will be able to managing the symptom.., we can and taking away the pain..temporarily..hence..we must always liaise and consult with our gps, they are here to help us...I personally think if the tablets given to you have no effect at all (you still feel pain/aching/headache) what is the point of taking them?..because each drug we are taking have side gps always say

to me: first try to change my life style.

If you like to know more how I survive from practically a housebound to able to walk...Edited By Admin..I share my daily task and what my health care professional also follow FMAUK face book..

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Yes sometimes the side effects of drugs outway the beneficial effects and I have stopped taking several because of this and would rather tolerate some pain than feel like a Zombie.

Will have to change my GP soon just when I had one who seemed prepared to work with me towards helping my symptoms, fingers crossed I will be able to find an understanding one near my new place.x


Yes, Rosewine, just remember, even gps will tell you to change our life style...there are certain things that I find it very helpful..stop eating 10 bad food such as: anything contain gluten (for me anyway)..even oat.., frying stuff, fatty food such as MacDonald, well done meat..wheat..Barley..then I bought supplements from the this company..I wonder if I am allowed to say..I better check first with the is funny..if that we are not allow to share knowledge that benefit us as sufferer


I too try to eat healthily masses of fruit and veg which I adore but then it starts to affect my IBS so sometimes I feel I am in a no win situation. Would be interested in knowing what supplements have helped you. Did have a test for gluten intolerance but fortunately Iy I was fine.x


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