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Help! Climbing the walls

Help as well as all my usual pains I have started having agonizing pain in both my knees I am litterly climbing the walls with the searing pain, pins and needles and occasionally weakness that I get no sleep and nothing works and sometimes have to walk with a stick does anyone know of anything that I could take, try or do to ease this even slightly please x

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Sorry to hear about the awful pain you're experiencing lala1856.

Have you tried ice packs or heat patches? I have found that gentle manipulation of and around my knees helps. I'm sorry but cannot think of anything else you could try. I really hope you get some relief from the pain

Gentle hugs, Becky x


Have you seen your Dr about this new pain. in the meantime try hotwater bottles or heat patches, hope it eases soon.


I am so genuinely sorry to read of how much pain that you are suffering, and I would always that any new symptom should be checked out just to have other things removed from the equation. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



i was suggested to take TURMERIC extra strength, it is a bit spendy, but has been good for my inflammation problems, even better then Ibuprofen. and ginger is supposed to be good. I know Ginger helps w/ nausea as well. but TAKE IT W/ FOOD. it could upset the stomach. hope this can be helpful to you.


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