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The Late Dr John Lowe’s Presentationfor Thyroid UK's 2011 Conference talks about Fibromyalgia

Hi Fibro bros & sis sufferers

As i am having a bad fibro day to day unable to get up in time for church , feeling like i have a bad case of flu ,feeling rather annoyed that i dont get much help from my doctor with the tablets he provides me with ,just phobbed ( is this even a word) of with being told to take 5 amitriptiline ,not wanting to sleep forever i declined . Any way thats not what i wanted to talk about . I was looking on the net for my sons problem on thyroidism we went the hospital appointment he had hoping he would get the all clear after 18mths of treatment .only to be told he my have to have the iodine radiotheropy ( no idea what this involves ) does not sound good . or he may have the operation. which can cause the opposite to thyroidism to hypo thyroidism . can anybody enlighten me on this . In my net search i came apon this video

Edited By Admin ( the late dr Lowe .sadley)

I found it interesting ,as the symtoms on thyroid are very much like our fibro symtoms . its half hour long but worth a listen . maybe i should send it to my gp. i would be glad to hear back thought s on this or experences with there Gp's negative or other wise as i am fairly new diognosed sufferer of fibromyalgia and recently of meanere's disease.

Hope your having a more painfree day . patricia :)

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Hi Patricia, as I understand it your son has an overactive thyroid so is producing too much thyroxine. I believe the thyroid gland becomes enlarged and you have a goitre, this is then treated with the iodine radiotherapy to reduce the goitre and slow the thyroxine production or in some cases the surgery is done to remove the goitre. This of course results in a decrease in the thyroxine being produced which can often mean it is now underactive; hypothyroid, this is then treated with the regular replacement therapy. Not sure if it is then permanently underactive so the replacement therapy will be a constant thing or whether it does then regulate itself and therapy is no longer needed. I have an underactive thyroid and take the replacement therapy daily which helps to keep things stable, although of course the fibro always does what it can to upset the apple cart; I just have a yearly blood test to check that my levels remain good. Hope this helps. Steph

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Has this video been removed? I would like to have watched it.

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