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How I am getting on

It is now 3weeks since the GP told me about the problem I have got. Since then I have had so many people telling me there stories about Fibromyalgia that I do not feel alone any more it is great to be able to chat to people. I am not to bad at the moment I do have times when I feel as I cannot go on but I just think to myself yes you can do this. I belong to out local WI and they are entering the carnival in our village in July I am helping at home with making things for it which makes me feel wanted. They have even said that I can borrow a motorised scooter for the evening but I am not sure about that. So life does not see so bleak at the moment. Hope the weather stays nice.

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Hi, 3 weeks is not a long time to get used to having fibromyalgia. But sounds like you are doing the right things... Keeping yourself active is one of the best ways of managing the condition and helps you stay positive in my experience.

Also, if you are able to go to the evening, make use of the offer of the scooter. I have a scooter I call Madge and I see her as my means to being more independent x


I have a power wheelchair called Flossie. :P

if you are wary of using a scooter, these things do take a while to get used to. Ask if they know of a push wheelchair and some one willing to push. You will get a feeling of what it is like without the fear of running someone over and not miss out on having a good time,

Hugs sue.

ps ...

I know how difficult it is to accept that you need to use them but believe me it is well worth it. :)


Glad that you seem optimistic about the future. Borrow the scooter and enjoy yourself much better than tiring yourself out.x


I do not think I will be using the scooter it is only for the local carnival I sure I will be able to do a bit of the walking and I involved in doing the things they are carrying so that is my bit.

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