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As a Fibro surfer (it sounds so much better than sufferer) I describe my life as being like one of those slot machines that show multiple combinations to win; or more commonly lose. I think that my reels spin about every 10 minutes or so; and my mixture of fog, pain, fatigue, headache, tinnitus and depression changes every time. So I may set out knowing where I am going and feeling able to complete the task, but give me 10 minutes and all that can change!

I know that no-one understands me like I do, but when I need help, there isn't a lot out there. I am really grateful that this forum means I am never on my own. So I hope that I can share things that have helped me in the past and are helping me now.

There are lots of other resources out there, but these are to help you choose something to get you started; do not expect to attempt them all at once!!

This is a really good book:

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These are places on the internet where you can get free help and support:

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy:


Alphawave Music for relaxation and study:

Psychotherapists on YouTube:

Paul McKenna has apps/ books/ downloads. He is the best hypnotherapist that I have listened to:

I use warm baths and scented candles, and nice perfume so that I always smell lovely as small ways to feel better about myself. Look for the small things that can make a difference to you; and treat them as successes in the fight to stay strong.

With (((Gentle hugs))) to you all.

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Hi oldncreaky, thanks for the post, I've just done the 10 minute meditation and found it good, I will look at the other things you have included later. I am trying to be mindful and achive it sometimes :-) A mindful walk to the bus stop each morning if I can manage it is fab this time of the year because of the busy bird song. I agree on the small things making a difference, perfume etc, I treat myself to a nice body butter, I don't work Monday's so having a rest day today, I have a good book on the go so that will be my treat today. Have a good day and gentle hugs back to you. X x


Thank you for the video, must admit that I've been trying meditation for decades but can never stick to it. I always have relaxing music when I'm in the bath :-) That 10's went so quickly it was great. It's not as though I can do anything else much, I did have to turn radio 4 off and that's an effort :-p I will try to remember to use some sort of youtube meditation every day. I did have problems with taking my focus off of the pain :-(


Thanks for all of these links. I already use a lot of meditation and relaxation (well, I try to). Looking forward to having a mooch through all of this :)


Thanks for the links I will go and have a peruse when I have more time.x


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