Updated Guidelines - Please Read

Updated Guidelines - Please Read

Hello FibroAction Members

As our community grows it is inevitable that guidelines may need to be reviewed & need to be amended. The FibroAction charity have discussed these changes and feel that it is appropriate to amend the guidelines (No 5 & additions of 10a) 15a) & 15b)

Plus we have added the FAQ with information concerning if anyone should receive any unwanted or abusive messages.

Here is the link to our FibroAction updated guidelines;


Thank You for reading & your understanding of the necessary changes

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

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7 Replies

  • Read and understood xx

  • I'm on it!


  • Read and understood & in full agreement.


  • Very conscise and understandable guidelines, well done to those who created it.x

  • Thank you Emma, all read and understood.

    Take care

    Ken x x

  • Thanks Emma, read and understood, Linda x

  • read and understood

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