Anyone found a comfy mattress?

Hello all,

Just wondered if anyone has found a comfortable mattress/bed/chair - all of a sudden everything in my home has become so uncomfortable after sitting etc for about 40mins if awake and maybe 1.5hrs if asleep.

This is effecting everything I do......well that should be can't motivation is saying GO GIRL and body says with what as-no energy or concentration.

Thanks for any advice or help - prepared to try anything to become comfortable.

Peatop :)

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  • I paid a lot of money for mine (£400) but was worth it. It's memory foam from Dreams. Good luck!xxx

  • I thought I'd be paying about that - quality doesn't come cheap - but then a good sleep is priceless! Thank you.

    I'll have to look into Dreams as I'm sure they do a money back within certain days if you don't get quality sleep.

  • Hi Peatop, I also paid about £400 for a mattress but it was a pillow top so you get the softness from the top but the support from the mattress (really sorry I can't remember the make right now!) Memory foam does not appear to like me very much and I kept coming out in a rash when I slept on one at my BF's parents' house. It's important to try out mattresses to make sure you get one that works for you. With chairs etc I can't recommend anything but I do have pillows, cushions and a duvet to sit on top of. Funnily enough my BF says I remind him of the Princess and the Pea story!! Hope you find something that makes you a bit more comfy soon x

  • Hello ElleBr,

    Sounds like a similar convo that we have in our house ;) Think one good day...... a good one - I'll sit on a dried pea just so that I can say, ohhh...thats why I'm a fidget! ha ha

    I'd not heard of pillow top before - will defiantly look that up - not sure if complete memory foam is the way forward, as darling is such a hot bod. Thank you for your help. x

  • I reckon the more expensive memory foam mattresses may be better than the one I tried! I originally got told I was like the princess & the pea when we lived in a furnished flat with a really firm mattress & I had 2 mattress toppers and about 3 duvets to lie on & still couldn't get comfy lol. That was long before I was diagnosed so at least I can say I have an excuse now 😄. X

  • I have found memory foam mattress's very good, it's pillows I have a problem with, spent a fortune on pillows that are supposed to bounce back into shape they do nothing of the sort. Lou xx

  • Thank you Lou. I'm thinking memory foam is the route after initial reaction - I've been put off as thought they are very hot, also like you did not enjoy sleeping on pillow....woke with awful neck ache and that was before chronic pain.

    Thanks I'll keep on research trail before using up all that energy in the stores.

  • I quite enjoyed my trip for our bed you get to lay down a lot I tried nearly all of them xx

  • Oh great I hadn't thought of that - an excuse to have a lay down - brilliant...thank you :D x

  • I have been looking at the soft mattress that you put on top of your normal mattress on ebay. They seem quite cheap but as the girls above paid £400 I think it is better to go with the best quality you can afford seeing as we spend so much time in bed!

    I use a double length pillow between my legs, it cushions my ankles and knees and the top bit is quite nice to cuddle!

  • My son in law bought me a memory foam mattress and now there is anybody going to take it from me without a fight! Love mine! ❤️

  • Hi I am also looking for a comfy mattress just now, just been on Groupon, they have good deals on memory foam mattresses 15cm one for £100, a 18cm one for £150 and a 22cm one for £180 😊 xx

  • Like lou I found memory fiam mattress terific but am forevr buying new and different pillows due to neck pain. I think I spent about 200 on my mattress as it wss an experiment but is fine. Will spend more next time.

  • I am so sorry to read this and I genuinely hope that you can find what you are looking for. I have an adjustable bed with a memory foam mattress and it does help me.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • We have a memory topped mattress but we might need to upgrade to a full memory foam as I'm starting to become uncomfy. We've just ordered a new sofa with recliners as I can't get comfy downstairs either. I too pads my chair with a duvet and cushions. Funnily enough I find the sprung seats in the nearly 20 year old caravan more comfy so sometimes go out on the drive to watch TV! Try before you buy and make sure you get advice in the shop as they're quite good at recommending thing, even if they always seam to show you the most expensive!

  • We have a memory foam mattress, but my main problem has been a pillow. I have slept with about 4 by the side of my bed and frequently swap - sometimes in the middle of the night. However, I have, in the last two weeks purchased a memory foam pillow which has an inner chamber that you fill up with water until you find what is comfortable for you. I haven't swapped pillows since. I had the pillow from a famous Am.. supplier and paid £22 pounds.

  • Have you tried talking to GP to Social Services, come to assess your needs. You may or may not be eligible for things like riser-recliner chair. NB They work at a snails pace, not enough workers. I also have a electrical hospital-type bed, single, the mattress on it's own is not enough, double size mattress topper doubled over is like sinking into a supersoft cloud, wraps around an aching body beautifully. It works for me, and again gives me an extra bit independence - I can get in/out of bed anytime I like!

    Having a comfortable chair + bed, helps an awful lot! I hope you find what you need. :) Tulip xx

  • I have a Tempur overlay. The pillow is also important, I've switched from Tempur to one filled with organic cotton wool.. The coolness feels wonderful.

  • Hi soteti

    Do you mind me asking how much the pillows were? I suffer with really bad night sweats. I was up at 4am today washing my face in cold water as I was so sick of waking up with sweat dripping off me.

    Those pillows sound ideal

    Lu xx

  • Hi Lu

    I bought it abroad ages ago and don't remember the price. You could try good department stores or online. Its worth searching for because it feels lovely, moulds, and keeps one cool unlike Tempur.

  • Hi. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I will look on the Internet for one.

  • Hello all,

    Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply to my post.

    Sorry I fell into silence, I have not been coping well with everything that is happening to my body at an ever increasing speed & the constant trips to hospital for various appointments wears me out physically and mentally.

    Adjusting to this new way of life is not an easy or overnight process, but one I want to tackle head on and meet this challenge (after all, I've spent most of my life running when things get tough. Running or quitting is not an option with this ........ oh if only!).

    Thank you all once again, for your considered advice what a lovely group of people you all are.

    Kind wishes

    Peatop :)

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