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Up until now I have always had to pay for tests and glasses despite having s HC3 certificate. So today was wondering if I could afford to pay for both.good news they said if in receipt of ESA then tests and glasses were paid for.downside I now need glasses for both closeness and distance. So opted for variable lenses do can stitch and watch TV st same time.although i could only read the first line of letters during the test i can read subtitles fine.only had to pay 25 pounds to upgrade so have less distortion

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  • Great news about your glasses yes you can get help if you are on Income based ESA. Hope when you get them you can see clearly it sounds as though you will be able to multi task when you get the new pair. One of the never ending joys of having fibro is I seem to find that my vision seems to vary from day to day sometimes my glasses work perfectly and another day I seem to get blurry eyed and my vision isn't so good all according to how bad I feel that day.x.

  • hello Rosewine its a two week wait for the new glasses.when ESA was incapacity benefit wasn't entitled to help with costs.i wonder because I have persistent headpain and nausea that's affecting my eyes too.

  • Good morning all FM suffers.I also have to wear varifocals and thought it would help me to enjoy my hobbies of knitting and reading.Alas it seems from these replies that is all part of this awful illness.Having blurry vision is so debilitating as can't even drive on bad days.Feel I am losing out on the things I used to enjoy.!!! If I had one wish it would be to find a miracle cure for FM.xx ah well at least the sun is shining.x

  • That is good news about the costs, but sorry that you need extra glasses.

    Take care


  • I tried varifocals last week but just couldn't get on with them because my 'middle' vision was too blurry. I've asked opticians to give me single distance lenses and a close up pair too. I'm glad you don't have to pay for them. I've recently been diagnosed diabetic so I get the test free but not the glasses. I hope you get on well with them.

  • Know what you mean. I can't get on with varifocals...they make me feel sea sick because everything sort of rolls all over the place. I've tried bifocals but found I was either straining my neck forward to peer over the top of the middle line so I could see where I was putting my feet when I walked as I felt very unsafe or I kept tilting my head too far back so I could see out of the bottom bit of the lens to read. I've tried bifocals twice and now I'm back to having two pairs of specs - one for close work and one for distance - and I get on just fine with that, but my optician wasn't happy at all with my decision :)

  • Thats how my close friend ended up she tried every combination and now comes out with Varifocals but when at home reverts to her other separate glasses. She put wearing them when walking down steps to the many falls she has had as she is the same. I notice that my husband seems unsteady when he is going down unfamiliar steps as well. I love mine for shopping and general walking around but are not so keen on driving in them apart from it is easier to read any small the dials on the dashboard and maps. Large road signs fortunatelely are still readable. If I am reading a book or paper give me a pair of reading only specs any day.

    Off out now to view a bungalow so better put the rose tinted glasses on if this one is anything like the others we have viewed. I thought our house needed updating until I saw some of the bungalows we can afford. Keep fingers crossed for us.xxx

  • A pair of rose-tinted specs...that's something we all need :)

  • have them on a 60 day "trial" and if not happy I can change them.i don't see how I need them for distance ,I couldn't read the second line of letters in the exam ,and it s not as though I drive but I can read subtitle s on the TV fine.

  • Make sure you get what you feel comfortable with, even though that may not necessarily be what the optician says you should have :)

  • I'll see how they go.if I don't then maybe opt for 2 pairs.

  • I think it's really unfair that only Income Based ESA recipients get free prescriptions, glasses & other benefits that I am

    Not entitled too. I am on Contribution based ESA purely because I was on long term so higher rate Incapacity Benefit. As my benefit payment on Incapacity Benefit was higher than the intended ESA payment I am in Contribution group, my benefit amount is frozen for last 2 years & maybe more so when everyone gets benefit increase in April mine remains the same.

    What puzzles me then is when I apply for help with prescriptions, glasses dental treatment etc, under the low income scheme, which I have to every year, I always receive my HC2 form

    Back for full help across all these areas.

  • I agree it is totally unfair.those who cant work due to ill health are likely to need more prescriptions than someone who isn't yet they still have to pay for them.i have never hear d of anyones benefits being frozen,.if Scotland and wales can have free prescriptions for everyone ,why doesn't England?

  • I haven't either, but was told that because my Incapacity payment was higher than the ESA payment was, but they couldn't my legally drop my benefit payment, I'm sure they would of if they could lol, my payments would remain the same without yearly increase until the ESA payment was greater than the old Incapacity payment. I think after last increase I'm about £1.50 off the payment being greater, though knowing my luck it will be increased by £1.49 lol. I still cannot understand though, how this classes me in same band as people with savings of £16,000 & other contribution based restrictions, as I have no savings, live alone, get 70% of my private rented property rent paid, as I'm on the old way of working out payments, although it changed a few years ago existing claimants stayed on old rule, seems I can't catch a break no matter what lol oh well. Hope you get on with your varifocals when they arrive. I was offered them after my eye test yesterday but as I leave my distance glasses in car as would forget to always bring out my glasses otherwise it's better ford to have 2 seperate pairs so went for cheapy ones that came out as free for driving & treated myself to some lovely reading glasses though only had to pay £45 of the £125 Guess glasses, hopefully they will be ready before the 11 days they quoted 😎

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