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Hi all

I've been put on methotrexate as my hands where swelling up something awful!

Has helped the swelling, but oh heavens above its not half hard to get used too mixed with all other meds. Has anyone had any adverse reactions to it?

Just feeling a bit low at present as I have a throat and ear infection! Given antibiotics, being sick, walking like I'm drunk( don't drink at all actually) and generally may as well be on Mars I'm so doped up with meds!

My husband says if it wasn't for fact I'm in such pain , I would be hilarious ( apparently rambling rubbish in my sleep too)

Oh the trials of our pains!

Well hope you all have a bit of a break from your pain

Guccigirl x

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I have not tried this drug myself, but if you keep getting any side effects it may be beneficial to discuss it with your GP as there may be something they can do about it?

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi Guccigirl, sorry you are in so much pain , I agree wkith Ken do see your GP who should surely know what is not agreeing with what and causing your pain.

Best Wishes,



Quick pointer gucci girl my father takes methotrexate and ive heard him say its not a pain killer at all. My dad has 2 forms of arthritis and doc told him this drug is to just the spreading to any good joints thats left .


Hi I know it's not a painkiller, it's to combat the swelling in my joints!

I have differentiated connective tissue disorders, raynalds, dysphasia,neuralgia and others that we can't properly diagnose, as well as having the Fibromyalgia .

All this together and it makes it real hard to control, I am on antibiotics at present so I'm hoping it's them that's causing upset with methotrexate? If not then it's back to the GP again! I'm sure you all feel the same! We are never away from doctors!

I will say however I have excellent GP and rhumetologist who keep in contact to try and control my pains etc.

Hope you all have some pain free time today



side effects horrendous, didn't last long on them, but I do know people who have had good benefits from them so hopefully they will help you! Tulip xx


Sorry you are going through all that pain and discomfort. I agree with Ken talk to your doctor with a lot of medications they were giving me I was always having ear infections or throat infections. Be careful everyone on them changing your meds so much I don't want anyone else to be like me. Now they tell me I have too many things wrong that they cannot treat me until it becomes one major problem that they can call it one thing.

I don't know what to do anymore can anyone give me some advice? I seen so many doctors that I am broker then broke and all they want to treat is my headaches. Most days my pain is so bad my legs n hands look deformed and I cannot walk or talk good. I have fallen so much that I can wiggle part of my spine n I have hit my head that I have permanent bruising. And on very bad days I don't know where I am or who anybody else is. Can anyone help me

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Methotrexate is a Cancer Drug awful side effects used for Rheumatoid Arthritis depending what strength you are on as to the side effects . You can take Folicate acid which helps with the sickness one 6times a week given on Script.This drug is very potent has to many side affects including constant infections due to the destruction of cells Pain is not something you can see you have my sympathy I am a RA sufferer myself i take Pure Collagen Hydrolysate 2tbl in drinks or cereal in the morning from great lakes. diet is also good omitting dairy products or better still Gluten free products. Also Turmeric capsules from health shops kills pain one three a day 400mg and is good for preventing Cancer I do hope you feel better soon

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Hi all

Can vouch for taking infections on it! I have throat and ear infection that does not seem too be getting one bit better!

Yesterday worst day ! Took migraine and trig, neuralgia kicked in! OMG sometimes you wonder what you did wrong, don't you?

I was a very active 47+ when it kicked in, I travelled all over the country and sometimes abroad with my work!!! I loved it, loved the chatter , driving and even the night shifts to open stores ( I was in retail visual)

I often wonder where that person went! It's almost like I walked out the room and left me as I am now behind.

As you all say , you can't see pain, but my goodness we all feel it, I've got past trying to explain in depth to friends and family! Don't waste your energy would be my advise! If they don't want to recognise you have an illness, they never will ! So... Turn your attention to the people who actually help.

I have a fantastic husband, who hurts to see me like this, but is my rock. I also have a friend who has been with me through thick and thin in all areas of life( we've been friends for 32 years! She is fabulous!!! And if she's taking me anywhere she has already in her head organised where and when we will stop to rest and knows just by looking at me when it's time to slow down and go home to my duvet on the couch.

The reason I've chatted on so long is ... I don't want anybody to waste time as I did on family and friend trying to convince them I actually was and am ill.

Now I spend my time on me! I rest and sleep when my body tells me too, I take my medications, go to hydrotherapy and just try to accept me now as I am!

It's hard I won't deny....... But I'm getting there, still in pain, it's not going anywhere, but now I concentrate on it and trying to reduce it.

Everybody else who doesn't want to know, can deal with their own migraines!

I'm so glad I have all you guys out there who know exactly what I'm feeling!

Hope you have some relief from pain today!

Guccigirl. X


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