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General Election (GE2015) & Political Discussion - Pls Read

General Election (GE2015) & Political Discussion - Pls Read

Hello Fellow Members,

As you & I know we have the General Election (GE2015) coming up soon so I'm well aware many of us we be thinking about voting and many will be listening to the parties campaigns for office.

Please may I remind you that as the issue of politics is a tricky subject therefore we do not allow political discussion in this community. We advise you join a specific forum to voice your views & not only that it is against our guidelines.

For your reference here is the guideline below;

5. Be mindful not to post offensive material. Religion and Politics should not be discussed here as it is hard to not offend someone in discussing these.

5a. We make an exception for Fibro or disability specific subjects, such as disability welfare reform. However other aspects of politics should not be discussed: this includes immigration, party politics, political funding, general (i.e. not disability specific) etc MP's should not be referred to by name in a negative manner as per the HealthUnlocked Community Guidelines as HU is not a form to create negative feedback about identifiable individuals.

We allow discussion about the Welfare Reform & benefits (as stated above) but would like to kindly remind you that if you wish to talk about votes & GE2015, here in this FibroAction community is NOT the place to do it.

Please do post any petitions, campaigns or any important information about benefits which will be of interest or help to our community :)

On this subject you may find this Disability Rights UK Manifesto about what parties are claiming their party aim to look at in relation to Disability related issues. Please see link;

Many Thanks in Advance for your help with keeping politics off the FibroAction community in the run up to & during the GE2015

Please Note: Any comments or posts we feel breach the politics guidelines unless Disability related will be deleted

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

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Thank you for the clarification 😀😀

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M. Thank you this should clear up any confusion!n !

x gins

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Makes total sense to me after all this is a forum for fibromites and if not related to fibro then shouldnt be discussed here really.


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