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Can I read the results of recent X-rays

I recently had some X-rays to see how much more movement I have had in my spine which is bent with scoliosis. On seeing my doctor for the result of the X-rays he suggested increasing the morphine tablets to 140 mg per day and increasing the liquid morphine to 2 teasp every four hours instead of 1 teasp every 4 hours. I would like to see the contents of the letter sent to my doctor from the hospital. Am I allowed to see the see a copy of the correspondence. I am quite willing to pay. Velda

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Some hospitals automatically send out copies to patients as well as GPs, others don't. Then I just go down to the surgery and ask for a print out or ask my GP if I'm seeing him. They vary in how much use they are though!!


Thank you for answering my query. I realise the letters are of little use but I have quite a large folder going back many years, with copies of letters from hospital to the doctor. I thought perhaps for some reason they had stopped this facility - I was more curious than anything to read just how much percentage-wise the spine has moved. I know the deformity is worse than it ever has been but it won't actually benefit me at this stage to know. I appreciate your reply, thanks. Velda


The surgery will make a copy if you explain that you have already discussed the result with the doctor. I wanted all my radiology reports from the CT scans and although I felt I needed to explain why I wanted them, the receptionists didn't ask for a reason.

I'm afraid I am a bit suspicious of what is said between consultants and GPs. When I had my cancer diagnosis I told the GP I wanted to know everything he knew. Getting the reports reassured me that nothing was being missed and I was fully informed about my condition and treatment.

You do need to check that the surgery has the full report. It seems obvious but just last week I asked for a copy of the MRI scan that I had in February, but it wasn't there. The doc said she would chase it up as she wanted to know what it said too!!.

It is also good as "evidence" for the DWP as well.


Thank you for your comments too Bluebell. I am very grateful to you - Velda


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