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An interesting read ?

Biology and therapy of fibromyalgia: New therapies in fibromyalgia

Lesley M Arnold

Author Affiliations

Women's Health Research Program, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Piedmont Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45219, USA

Arthritis Research & Therapy 2006, 8:212

If you need to ask any questions please feel free & I will certainly try to answer them if I can.

If you would like to read & maybe save as a PDF version then use Google Scholar & search New Therapies Fibromyalgia

Please do let me know if you find it interesting too

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

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Thanks for this very interesting read Emma, more research is definitely needed into fibromyalgia, I think the varying and multiple symptoms are a problem for researchers. I had an appointment with the nurse specialist last week and she said that I would perhaps benifit from changing to pregabalin from gabapentin. The next day I saw someone in the pain clinic and they said to stay on gabapentin and just up the dose. I think it's trial and error for fibro sufferers and as the illness fluctuates it's a bit of a juggling act. It's great to read research like this, there were a couple of drugs I'd never heard of. Over the years I have tried different things, obviously drugs but also CBT, acupuncture, tens machine, and counciling, and a pain management course. Apart from the acupuncture I have found all the others helped, along with stretching a bit of muscle strengthening, yoga type gentle excesses given by physio, and walking. This is how I cope most of the time. Being a member of this forum is so helpful, sharing experiences and worries and being able to connect with people who know how you feel is of huge benefit. Keep up the good work :-) and thanks again. Take care. X x

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Thanks for posting this it has taken a bit to read as with the Fibro fog I had to keep on going back. Lets hope they do some larger studies so we can get a more definitive answer on what helps long term. Quite a few people seem to find certain drugs help them initially and then within quite a short time the effectiveness unfortunately wears off.


Not a quick read but if you can navigate your way to Table 5 it summarises a checklist approach to dealing with Fibro which is shorter and I found reasonably clear to follow.....I like the idea of taking a systematic approach to this illness rather than a scattergun approach! As others have often commented it's important to get some idea of what is having what effect or causing particular problems rather than one big jumble. ....A slower approach yes but perhaps worth it?


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