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Letter to the PM

For the attention of Mr. David Cameron, Mr. Ian Duncan Smith

As you know, in the U.K. nearly 1 in 5 of the population is disabled, this means that 1 in 5 of the population can’t help or be blamed for the way they are. Our concern is that we and those who care for us, paid or otherwise have to almost beg to receive benefits which are supposed to be available to make our lives easier, when in fact it does the opposite as we are constantly worrying that we could have our benefits reduced or even stopped all together, this causes us to worry and become anxious which in turn makes our conditions worse.

In the supposed leak from the BBC, it states that your party are planning to cut the benefits of ESA contributions and Job Seekers Allowance, and that this document is saying that the DLA/PIP benefits will be taxed to disabled people. So in a nut shell you have 1 in 5 of the U.K. population feeling very anxious.

WE plead with you to listen to our voice Mr. Cameron, we urge you to think about and help us by being honest with regard to the disability benefits. We are all feeling very anxious regarding this and feel like we are easy targets for you, however if you could make guarantees to 1 in 5 disabled people here in the U.K we feel sure that you would gain the vote of the vast majority and also that of those who care for them, but until then we have some questions that we would appreciate straight forward answers to. They are as follows:-

• Is the leaked document true?

• If it is not: Why have you not pledged this which would force the BBC to apologize?

• If it is: Are the contents of this document going to be policy if you are elected?

• How much of the Universal Credit can you receive before it is taxed?

These are four simple questions that many of us disabled people would like you to give straight forward answers to.

Thank you for your time in this very important matter

We the undersigned

If you would like to get involved, you can download a copy of this letter on the fibropool face book page or on the website,

download post and e mail all the addresses are on the website

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This is just another [Edited by Admin] on disabled people who rely on ESA/DLA/PIP to survive. I've suffered from clinical depression for over two years. I've seen seen by 3 consultant psychiatrists, 12 mental health professionals and my GP. They all have some to same conclusion about the seriousness of my mental health condition. Yet I've had to contend with numerous inhuman ATOS assessments which have made my condition worse. I've now been told by my GP that I've a heart condition too. If my pittance of benefit is taxed then I 'll have hardly anything to live on. Do they think it's ethical to punish people simply because they are too ill to work? I can't live of fresh air alone. [Edited by Admin]


I read about this today too.

If contribution based esa is cut I will have no income of my own apart from £50 a week PIP which will probably be taxed, and we are poor enough as it is. As if it's not bad enough having to live in constant pain, barely being able to leave the house and hardly being able to walk. I will probably never work again and I'm only 41, how am I supposed survive?????? [Edited by Admin]


Good luck with your letter but it will make no difference. All the political parties seem to take the same position. Smooch the super rich- who give nice presents, allow unimpeded immigration- because they are 'supposedly' units of production. It is social cleansing and not the professed austerity cuts, because savings are not being made, it is simply redistribution of public money into private hands.


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