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Diagnosed today not sure how to take it


Hi guys just wanted to let you that the rheumatologist told me that it's fibromyalgia I don't know wether to laugh or cry. I think if I cry I will never stop. The rhumalogist was very nice to cut long story short I have to change the way I live my life she wanted me to cut my hours at work but not able to as helping daughter through university as she helps us around the house she really is a god send for me and her father he is great as well he runs and picks me up from work which is fantastic as don't think I could cope on public transport.

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Hi Zita71, i am sorry that fibromyalgia is your diagnosis but diagnosis is a positive step in a way. I was diagnosed some months ago and remain struggling with some stubborn medical professionals so i am glad to see your specialist was good with you. From now on, do what feels right for you, if you can work the same hours do so, if you cant then change it. Eveyones journey with this blasted condition is different and doctors do not have a full understanding of it so they really cant take the lead on how you cope. Much love and good luck.

Sally x

Mydexter in reply to SallyE15

So true, you have to take charge yourself in knowing what you can and cannot do, until you find the balance that is right for you, glad your specialist was helpful at least.


I agree with Sally. You need to do what you feel able to and only you will know if something is too much as the fibro will soon let you know if you have over done things. I was diagnosed a year ago and when I asked my Rheumy if my Gps diagnosis of Fibro was correct she said "yes but thats the least of your worries". She never explained what she meant by that and she never explained what to expect either. I luckily found this wonderful site which has given me more info and support than any professional. I found I could no longer work even after cutting my hours but that doesnt mean that this will be the same for you. Take care of yourself. Gentle hugs Joolz.x

Hi Zita71

Welcome to the forum and I genuinely hope that you find it useful, informative and loads of fun. I have pasted you a link below to our mother site FibroAction which hosts loads of useful Fibro information:

FibroAction Website:


I am so sorry to read that you are struggling with your Fibro, and it may be beneficial to discuss medication alternatives with your GP / Rheumatologist? I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

I sincerely look forward to seeing you around the forum.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Like you I am newly diagnosed. I only work part-time but the days that I have a lift to work make a difference. Rest before you need too at work and make sure you have your lunch break for you not running around getting extra shopping. I don't know what you do for a job, but heavy files for me have now been moved onto a lower shelf. So you may be able to make adaptions at work to make it easier. It is early days yet and fibro isn't the same for any two people.

Welcome to the website it is informative and very friendly.


Hi Zita, welcome to the forum. I can see you have already been given information to help you along. All I wanted to say is that diagnosis is positive, now you learn how to cope with it. If you are like me it takes a while, I have been diagnosed for about two years now and one of the best moves I made was joining this forum. The people are helpful, informative and very funny. Hope to see you around :)

Hi just wanted to say thank you all for your kind words means a lot x x soft hugs to every one of us x x

Hi, I am fairly newly diagnosed to and this forum has been really useful xx

Hi Zita 71!

I love this site and everyone who contributes on here too. It really helps to know you're not alone, and the people here are smart, friendly and very helpful. Best wishes and gentle hugs xx

Hi, I can see ai will and have a lot to learn, am off my work at the moment and have been for 6 weeks, but hopefully in the next couple we will get my meds to where I can get back to work, 😀 am also hoping to drive again too as I have a 27 mile journey to work each day. Slow journey to self knowledge of my Fibro. 😳


Hi Zita71 & all,so glad I joined this forum recently,it's so interesting & infomative,it's comforting to know other people know how you feel. My diagnoses have been given to me over a number of years, angina,asthma,Sjögren's syndrome/Lupus,fibromyalgia,osteoarthritis and osteoporosis,it seems the older I get the more illnesses I acquire,although I know this applies to so many other people. I send my best wishes and gentle hugs to you all,take care everyone xx

Yeah I know what you mean I think I am just mad at my Dr surgery when I called in November December I was told all bloods clear even the celiac one but the reumatologist could not find it. And they never told me about vitamin d deficiency I have to see it in letter from rhuematologist shocking honestly

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