to clarify a few issues on the 10 root causes of fibro

it appears that quite a few peeps have come to the thyroid side, and PM' to ask me why my post was taken off by fibro admin.

fibro admin DIDNT take it off - I took it off myself,---. reason being, that I felt a few people were not too pleased that I put links here that may have helped to find the cause of the fibro,- for me personally I believe that there is always a reason that an illness manifests, whatever that reason may be, and I will always be on a quest to find out as much as possible and explore every avenue so that i can avoid chemical drugs if possible, so I am sorry for those that wanted to read or keep but if you google it yourself there is plenty knowledge out there. I wish you all well. so don't blame FIBRO admin.

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  • I thought it was very interesting and printed a copy out for myself and forwarded to my daughters and husband, keep them coming I say as we need to find out as much as we can about this horrible disease!!!

  • well cruz I am glad you are open minded.

  • I found your info useful, thanks.

  • thankyou

  • Hi pettals

    I thought there was a great deal in the link to think about. As I said in my reply to you I really enjoyed reading it all. I am very interested in the aspects of allergies, as I have developed so many since my Fibro diagnosis.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • thanks ken wish you well an sorry you have had it so rough . x

  • It's very good to look at everything. Then one can make one's own mind up. We are all different feel different & I believe suffer differently. I couldn't relate to a great deal in your original post on a personal level. But it was still interesting and may help some. I also believe that if it was a common factor that caused it they would have found it by now. I also think in my experience they are too eager to diagnose it now. 'Oh it must vr fibromyalgia as I can't be bothered to look for anything else.' This is a personal view & please people don't be offended. Xxx

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