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Helo Fellow Members,

This is a post that may help when filling in your claim for Benefits as these words were within an older DLA factsheet from Disability Rights UK.

I think I may have posted this before but thought it was worth reposting especially with the news about ESA 6 month rule change.

Here's the info;

needs -This is help that is reasonably needed, not what is given, nor what is medically essential. This is help to lead as normal a life as possible. For example they can be given help to take part in ‘reasonable’ social activities.

attention - This is help of an active native & this can include help given to wash, dress or to go to the toilet. It can also be more indirect help, such as signing, reading aloud or prompting and encouragement.

bodily functions - These include hearing, eating, seeing, washing, reading, communicating, walking, drinking, sitting, sleeping, dressing or undressing, using the toilet, shaving, shampooing and help with medication.

significant - This is around an hour in total.

frequent - Means more than twice.

throughout - This means spread over the day.

continual - Means regular checking but not non-stop supervision; it does not have to be constant.

supervision - This is watching over, ready to intervene.

substantial danger - The danger must be real, not just remotely possible.

prolonged - Means some little time (at least 20 minutes).

repeated - Means two or more times

I know it isn't a factsheet for ESA or PIP but I think these words may be helpful to you when trying to explain your daily activity of living & mobility needs.

I hope it helps

Best Wishes

Emma :)

Community Coordinator

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  • Thank you Emma, I shall have a good read of this later.

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  • Thank you for all that wonderful information.

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