Embarrassing Problem

Hi, I'm not sure if this a fibro thing, an age thing (I'm 41) or just something else to add to the list of ailments!

Over the last couple of months my bladder just seems so weak to the point of when I sense I need to go, I have to go right away (and hope there is a toilet close by)

Also happens in a morning where I literally have to dash as soon as I wake up (I always go before bed)

I just wondered if anyone else had the same problem

Other than that Happy Friday x

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  • Hello,

    I have had this problem for what seems like for ever. About the same age as you it started. At times coping with it is difficult, the old sneeze routine sneeze and squeeze doesnt work for ever

    Certainly fibro can affect your muscles so extra practise with pelvic floor exercises and fog has just triped me up- lost the plot- Oh my I am talking out loud :) ( that made me smile)

    Seriously get some pads they are brilliant and save those embarrassing moment from spoiling your days!!

    Fog has won I will be back later Ginsing

  • Hi Cheshirecat

    I am 38 and although I don't have it quite as badly as you do, I have definitely noticed a change.

    I have been diagnosed with Fibro for about a year now and that's definitely when the problem started. I have problems when laughing, coughing, sneezing etc and when I have to go, I have to go! I thought it must be my age, but it definitely could be a Fibro thing.

    I know the meds I am taking cause a delay when I try to pee, even if I'm desperate it won't come out and that's very annoying. Especially when I have to run the tap, as I've just had a water meter and I dread to think what the bill will be lol.

    Anyway, I just wanted you to know that you're not on your own.

    Fluffy hugs.

    Jayne 😊

  • Hi Cheshire Cat

    I believe that irritable bladder is definitely one of the many symptoms of fibromyalgia.... like you when the urge comes on I have to make a dash to the loo!! I also have irritable bowel.

    I suppose when you think about it ... the bladder is a muscle and as fibromyalgia affects many muscles in the body then I suppose the bladder (and bowel) are just as likely to be affected.

    I try and do pelvic floor exercise (when I remember!)

    Have you spoken to your doctor? Maybe he can suggest some treatment

    Sorry cannot be of more help... but hope it helps to know that you are not alone :) xx

  • So sorry to hear about your problems I have three friends with the same and it is not funny. As Gins says the little pads have been a boon to them. I personally would book an appointment with my GP just to have other things ruled out such as diabetes which can make wanting to pee more frequent or it could be down to a slight infection. I don't know whether you have had children but sometimes the womb can prolapse slightly which has happened with two of my friends and it presses down on the bladder causing you to want to pee more often and more urgently. Another one found that hers was being caused by another medical problem and when her meds were adjusted the problem because much more controllable.

    You could also have a look on the internet at the Bladder and Bowel Foundation website as they have some marvellous information and little questionnaires that can often identify what the causes are and ways to treat and they also have a confidential helpline and a magazine which tells you what they do and different treatments and where to get help. The NHS used to have special clinics for this that specialised in advice and treatment.

    The others are quite correct in saying the bladder is a muscle and because fibro causes muscle problems it could be a side effect of the illness. Also meds that we are given such as muscle relaxants in some cases unfortunately affect down there as well.

    Also strangely if you don't drink enough liquids the pee gets very concentrated and can act as an irritant.

    Hope you find a solution.xxx

  • One other thing is that your bladder with fibro is not only will it want to empty at inopportune times but it also won't empty properly so urine left in bladder bet many have had the thing where need to go then not a great amount comes out or it comes out without any force.

    you can end up with infections or even worse kidney problems if not addressed so please get it checked know a few that have kidney problems from it

    so if you have any problems please bring it up with your Quacks don't let them fob you off they should refer you to uro or inco department in local care as if left will get serious as an infection in the water works if left can result in death or very damaged kidneys.

    Bladder and bowels are smooth muscle tissue and like every other muscle are affected by Fibro.

    and remember drink drink drink steer well clear of likes of fizzy crap the only things i drink now are tea(no sugar) water and coconut water(No crap ones)forget "sugar free" as artificial sweetners just look for just coconut water on label it's very good for you

  • Thank you for posting this, it is I believe more common than you think xx

  • me too - I have had this issue for a couple of years - but I am pleased to say it went away. Partly because I adjusted - by going before I leave the house/library/pool/shop :-) - partly because I forgot to worry about it? :-O

  • In the pool Barbsch? :P

    Seriously though, it seems a little known thought that blokes get this or similar too. And I'm not talking "pensioner's dribble". I was even given pelvic floor exercises, we have one of those, too. Rosewine's comment is excellent and I wish you fortune in your search for a solution.

  • lol :-D I haven't forgotten how to embarrass myself, one way or the other then :-D thanks badger! :-D :-P

  • I've given up being embarrassed, much to the annoyance of my daughter. I used to wonder why she disowned me in public. I still don't know, but neither do I care :D

  • I am so sorry to read that you are experiencing this issue, but you are not alone. it may help if you ask your GP for a referral to a Urologist, as there are medications that they can give you. The main drug is called Oxybutinin and it is quite effective. However, there are alternative therapies that they can offer you as well.

    I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck


  • I also have this. I have already seen a specialist Nurse who examined me and said everything is fine, mentioned the pelvic floor excercises. I am waiting to see her again as it has not got any better. Often when I come home with the shopping I cannot get upstairs in time to get to the toilet. It becomes quite urgent. Also when I am out and about I always have to know where there is a public toilet. It really gets me down. Now I am just learning from here that it could be yet another symptom of Fibro. I am still awaiting my appointment to see a Rheumy. Oh the joys of being a woman........

  • Anytime I have been sick, actually vomited, that is the worst, I totally lose control of my bladder!

  • Hi well it is a Fibro thing as i'm male had all the tests looked inside prodded prostate shook heads etc etc forget the meds they don't work what it is as someone said already the bladder and bowels are muscles and has we all know muscle/nerves are what fibro loves to play with. now what happens is that when the bladder starts to fill it sends messages to the brain the brain asses them for threat level ie full or not so full and sends messages back to bladder and it's other controls to tense or adjust it's self now because of fibro those messages go wonky and the bladder being a muscle sends signal but it becomes a pain signal as it's become tender so all of a sudden instead of a gentle feel it becomes a panic signal and pharp pharp need to empty NOW it does sometime subside or like ive had makes you empty bowels out totally when not being able to pee for ages when had to hold it.

    mine also leaks when it feels like it but i do have nerve damage in spine and some PNE in crotch/underneath too.

    Then you have the COLD ive Raynauds to add to the party mix and once cold gets into you your always pee'ing.

    ive had a catheter to manage it before it gets so bad you'd think had an explosion inside like someones squeezing it with a press.

    I have some washable pads/pants for when having a bad time when really tired can make it worse Bambinex do an adult washable that is excellent very smooth and don't notice when out but works great can boost with an extra pad and washes/dries quickly.

    But don't cut out fluid my sister has kidney problems from fibro as you get UTI's

    If you need any help/info just message me as know many suppliers if want washables as i can't get on with disposables they irritate my skin with chemicals

    But what ever you do don't be ashamed etc as we wear glasses/braces/false teeth/wigs/false limbs/hearing aids etc etc and just something to help you get on with your life

  • Thank you all for your comments, I've looked at the web as suggested by Rosewine and there are suggestions as to what foods & drinks to avoid. Going to give that a try first and take it from there x

  • Hi it's all part of fibro having irritable bladder and bowel. They don't call it irritable everything for nothing. C xx

  • One thing many can do and nothing wrong with it so don't feel embarrassed etc as if you have to get up in the night esp more than once as it effects your fibro as bad enough with sleep why not wear a pad etc to bed then if you have to go use that so not having to get out of bed you will find then sleep far better

    The best ones are the washable types that go all the way round as opposed to disposables which if side sleeper or turn over leak badly and less chemicals too.

    you can get all in ones which is padding and waterproof layer in one which can add extra pads to it or you can use the old traditional terry square still works fine!

    or they do shaped ones some all sewn in layers or pocket type so add boosters as need be as depends on how much you go?

    Then just wear a pair of waterproof pants over it can be pvc/ urethane or PU which is a breathable fabric or even rubber/latex choice is yours Gary pants do many and good quality.

    But the beauty of wearing something like that is that you get back control of things as can also just have a lye in without having to dash to toilet like first thing then just get up when your ready so more refreshed.

    And it's your life so take it back.

    Plus it's just another thing to help you live your life way you want!

    ive most of those above plus have option of an indwelling catheter if need to use as i put my own in and quacks give me stock so can manage most things myself as go through phases where it will leak/dribble or just very unstable then other times quite reasonable?

    But if anyone needs any help/info feel free to PM me or reply here

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