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YouTube Video -Struggling to be me with Chronic Pain by Bournemouth University


An emotive but realistic representation of struggles associated with living with Chronic Pain

It is not specific to Fibro but I'm sure you can relate. You may even think it might be helpful for family & friends understanding of Chronic Pain.

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

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Very telling remark that when doctors dont know what treatment they hand it over for psychiatrists, fibrositis is it real or all in the mind an unreasonable illness belief.


I do feel as if I should say " I'm fine" when I'm asked how I am. you can seen people glaze over if you try to explain that you are not fine at all. Chronic pain is very isolating. Thanks for this and well done to the people who made it. X x

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Very inciteful, thank you

Ken x


found this very helpfull. x


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