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HI All

I had help filling in both my forms PIP,ESA back last year in Sep/Oct. I waited patiently and in December had a letter saying, Sorry it is taken so long bla bla we will let you know when we do( sort of thing). The next day had another letter saying we now have all your reports and shall contact you as soon as we make up our minds. Well i waited and waited then i got a letter from council Tax saying because of your award of PIP you do not have to pay any council tax !!!! . Well i waited for a letter of conformation nothing so i called them a lady said we have nothing on screen about it I will put a trace on it( maybe she worked for MI6 before) call back next week, so we are in Febuary by now, my DLA stopped ( i know they stopped it as i was short changed for the month). I waited till the following week,(playing with thumbs this is me waiting).I called them again no nothing on screen he said and then got passed from the PIP dept to the PIP,DLA dept ,(Really i think i was passed to his co worker sitting next to him they just wanted to make it look good more efficient) well anyway the guy said no nothing on here can you run that by me again (by this time i think i must be having a ground hog week )so i did then he said, no letter telling you the DLA was stopping and another saying what your PIP award is,(i felt like saying you lot extracting the urine). Wait for it he said there appears to be an oversight we are having a bit of trouble with changing from DLA to PIP i will have to put it through as URGENT. I had to contain my urge to laugh out loud. You wont be paid on the date you normally be!!! he said but it will all be sorted out quickly( i think his co worker next to him was writing it all down as what to say next) Well all i can do is wait for the right buttons to be pressed to generate letters ( i will most proberly get a sack full off the postman next week all brown envelopes with nothing in them) i might write some more next week titled (50 shades of POO) cant write the other on here.

I hope i have kept you entertained for 5 mins (go on you can have a laugh at my expensive) but before i go I have just recieved my appointment for ESA assessment ( i didnt get it today silly that was friday) Am i correct in thinking that the PIP capita and ESA atos dont share information. I cant wait to see what they both have to say does the ESA computer say NO ??????? LMAO

Please feel free to comment

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That's given me a headache, hope you get it sorted soon. Do they communicate with one another at all in these places. Lou x


Blimey! DWP are quite useless. Good luck with getting it sorted! xx


Blimey! That's all I can say? I also want to wish you all the best of luck with getting this sorted.

Good luck



I reckon you have at least the first five chapters of a best selling book there. I don;t know whether to laugh or to cry with you. I did ask that question of various departments as to whether they spoke to one another and the response was not at all reassuring it was like "in certain circumstances" well I asked "what circumstances" well you can imagine as you have been through it. I wouldn't get within 5 yards of your letter box when you hear the postman coming as you might be buried under the deluge. I think my record was 5 letters in one day about the same subject but I am sure yours will far surpass that.

I do so hope you get it sorted out and get the maxium you can.x


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