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It's been 15 months since I had to give up working due to my Fibromyalgia, and today I heard that I have been placed in the ESA Support Group following my ATOS assessment a couple of weeks ago. It is such a relief to have it over with and to know that I was believed. I had help from the guides that Fibro Action can provide on how to complete the forms to give the assessor the fullest picture and I had a Consultant report that said he was surprised that I had managed to keep on working for so long. THe ATOS assessment was stressful and painful. It was with a nurse who kept asking similar questions but in different ways, checking for inconsistencies. I am just so glad it worked out in the end.

I am getting DLA at the lowest rate for care only, based on an assessment from 2006, and am now wondering whether I should apply for PIP. Does anyone know whether being in the ESA Support Group would suggest I might get more from PIP than I do from DLA?

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Must be a relief, a very welcome one.

Your area is possibly still on DLA if you've not been asked to reapply to PIP. Not all areas have transferred yet.

I didn't think benefit applications were supposed to use other allocated benefit outcomes as judgement, but I really don't know if considered.

If your condition has worsened (or improved) it does say you should advise them accordingly, sounds like that may apply to you.

Hope it all works out for you xx


Hi there, PIP is what is coming through to replace what we all know of as DLA and as rosewine so rightly says, it may just be that they haven't got round to your area yet (the whole thing is a complete horlicks :o ). From what you have said you DLA appears to be open ended, but I don't think there will necessarily be any change in the amount you receive at the end of the day, sorry to disappoint, I may be wrong, but do let us know how you get on.

Being in the Support Group I think will hopefully help in your claim, that having been said, I definitely wouldn't enquire about an assessment for PIP, wait until they come to you ....... eventually !! :o :o

Sending lots of positive healing vibes your way :-) :-)

Foggy x


Horlicks ? foggy. nasty sweet stuff. Love it.

The use of the word not the sweet stuff :P

i often use the word `soap` (a BAR of LUX).

Though Drat. Bother and blow it also get used. :P


I've always used it as a term for describing right old mix up, can't remember where/when it arrived with me, sorry :o :o


they dont take esa into consideration for in supportgroup for esa and have been awarded standard mobility for pip,and waiting for reconsideration on daily living.itd be easier if they did


Hi releasethemagic

I just wanted to say congratulations and I can see that you have been given some sound advice about what is happening with PIP. I want to wish you all the best of luck with your claim for this when you are invited to put yours in with the DWP.

Good luck



PIP is not an easy benefit to claim successfully. So far, according to the DWP's own statistics, just 45% of new claims for personal independence payment have been successful where the claimant is not terminally ill. The success rate for DLA to PIP transfers is currently 69%.


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