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Blood test

I got diagnosed in November with fibro and osteoarthritis, before the diagnosis I had a full set of bloods done, they really did test for everything. Everything was ok with the bloods except the crp, which I believe is inflammation. My rheumy ordered more tests to be done in a few months. Last week I had the crp test done and it's high again. My gp is away until next week, I have bee told that my gp wants to speak to me when he comes back. Does anyone know what could be be next? I know fibro wouldn't make the crp test high. Just seems like it's one thing after another. Has anyone else had this?

Thank you


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Morning Julie I dont understand all the tests I am afraid I just wanted to agree with your line about one thing after another. Some times I feel like a bad shopping list - every time I go to see some specialist or other another thing seems to be added. Why cannot they give you one good M>O>T and that is that!

I am sure some one else will tell you the answer to your question and I hope you have a really good day :)




Hi Gins, I often think that chronicly ill patients should be given a regular MOT, We suffer from so many symptoms it is easy to miss something that is important.

Hugs sue


Sorry, it's impossible to speculate. You'll just have to be patient and try not to worry unnecessarily.



Hi alexander120

It is very difficult to guess what it is about? However, if it is about Osteoarthritis and the inflammation has increased, then there are medications that you could discuss with your GP? I want to wish you all the best of luck for your appointment and I sincerely hope that it all goes really well for you.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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