It hurts, everywhere hurts, I'm tired, just tired, tired of feeling tired, tired of seeming so grumpy, tired of not been able to do the things I could this time last year, tired of everything :-( today my back burns, my wrists, knees and hips hurt when I move them, I have forgotten my PIN number at the petrol pump, left my house unlocked and forgot to put my bra on :-/ this time last year I was happy, healthy and a keen gym enthusiast now I'm unhappy, fat, fed up and hurting :-(

I need help. Does diet help? Yoga? Anything??

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  • So sorry your really suffering. Its hard to deal. Has your Dr given you any meds to try and help?

    Your forgetting to put your bra on made me chuckle, but I know how it is, and not funny at the time. I do things like get the wrong things out, use incorrect words...grrr annoying.


  • victoriakelly21 - i am so with you on this one! poor you - it is so tough having been healthy and active and then to have to stop.

    i had a teary phone chat with my partner this morning after feeling waking up feeling awful, tired, achy, fed up, nauseous - oh when will it ever end? will i ever be better again?

    its the same here, christmas is so different than last year.

    i too was really active, loved running, walking etc and now can just about get to the shops and back. why can't i get better? i feel so UNHEALTHY!!! rrrrr!!! trousers are getting tighter and i seem to spend most of my days in baggy tracksuits bottoms now!

    as for my mind - i forgot a friend's name whilst chatting in the street, then emptied out my bag all over the floor in morrisons in the queue, can't seem to remember if i sent christmas cards or not out, knock a whole pile of stacked gift soaps down in a shop today, can't seem to make a decision as to what to buy for presents, my wallet seems to have a mind of its own ( can't find cards, change just seems to be confusion) migraines last week, terrible reaction to my methotrexate injection too this week ( i have RA too)- oh the list goes on!!

    i am not sure what the answer is but i hope this has made you feel less alone, perhaps smile a little, you have my full sympathy!

    here is to a better year for us both and all at fibroaction - healthy and happy again soon i hope!

    dillie xxx

  • Oh love, I know the feeling ! I also think it's good to have a moan, get it all out. I'm where you are now, and this web site and these lovely people have been a god send to me, and they will be to you.

    I think Christmas makes everything ten times more stressful as well. I am trying to look to the new year with new hope and a new mind set. Try to stay positive, I am!

    Hope you have a better day tomorrow.


  • I can so emphathise with you as that is exactly how I felt about one year into this illness. At first you travel with optimism sure that the doctor will wave so kind of magic wand and all the aches and pains will go as fast as they came and then the slow realisation that this could be as good as it gets. I think you have to go through all the cycles it is rather like a bereavement. As veggiemomma says I think Christmas with all the stress involved seems to make all the symptoms worse.

    I laughed about the bra but in a kind way as unfortunately my rib area has been so painful the last 5 years that I can't wear one and have to let it all hang out as they say. I never thought I would go shopping with just one aim and that is to buy things that disguise the fact that I am not wearing a bra rather than what I would actually like to wear.

    I honestly think even people who are well forget their pin numbers and do stupid things, well my friends who are well dine out on their tales of stupidity so it might not be anything to do with fibro fog just one of those things. I also think that the long dark days and nights don't help us mentally and the cold and damp does for us physically.

    Hopefully when we have turned the corner of the year and we have the lighter nights and better weather to look forward to our mood will lift. I always find that my symptoms are so much better in the Summer.

    I do think gentle exercise does help and trying to keep to a healthy way of eating even if it means bulk cooking on good days so even if you don;t feel up to preparing a meal from scratch you have something healthy in the freezer to fall back upon.

    Have you had a referral to a pain clinic as sometimes their expertise with the medication and alternative treatments like acupuncture can help. Have you tried hydrotherapy as gentle exercise in warm water can often be beneficial. Perhaps explore these options in the New Year.

    In the meantime be gentle with yourself and get as much rest as you can. Soft hugs.x

  • I am so sorry to read that you are in so much pain at this time, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues. I do physiotherapy and I find that it helps me tremendously. I also use a TENS Machine for the pain and this helps a great deal.

    It may be worth discussing these with your GP or Medical Specialist? I want to wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hi! So sorry you're feeling this way Remember there will be better days. Are you getting anything for the pain? I find that Lyrica really helps. The forgetfulness - I think I have worn out the stair carpet - up and down looking for stuff lol and staring at people blankly trying to remember their names! Always remember you are not alone. My thoughts are with you x

  • Hi, I haven't read any of the replies yet but thought I would add my little bit in.

    I am not sure if it the time of year ( winter or Christmas) but my pain as of last weekend is through the roof and o can not control it.

    I used to have a life, not the worlds best ever life, none the less it suited me. I could would and did up to 50 hours each week so I could support my girls and me. The over a couple of weeks, I went from having really bad hip pain to pain all over. And I then just went down hill. I was a healthy weight, very fit and full of life, to what I am today.

    I take handfuls of drugs including MST( slow release morphine) , oramoph , Pregabalin and others for the side effects of thoses and a couple for the depression I now have.

    I wish I could tell you a happy ending but I am still trying to find mine

    I do know how u feel though, you sound a bit like me. I know I moan, and I am not in a good mood most of the time but it's this fibromyalgia , doesn't sound that bad when u just say the name, but we all know what a horrible contidition it is to have.

    Please if it makes u feel better moan away to us, we have all been they and got the t shirt.

    I hope that you do find some peace and the pai n and fog raises a little at least for Christmas

  • Thank you everyone. Just having someone respond and understand has helped me. I'm. Still having bad days and good days. Luckily Christmas was a good day :-)

    I'm starting slimming world this week. I'm hoping a nice healthy diet will ease some of the symptoms as I have gained around 20 lbs since I got ill which makes the pain worse. I see the specialist in February so I'm hoping he comes up with a decent pain relief plan.

    Thank you again xx

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